College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

GME Accountability

The Committee on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) stipulates that the COM must develop a retrospective GME Accountability Report based on information reported by the COM on the AACOM Annual Report demonstrating that the COM’s mission and objectives are being met. The methods used to develop the report must be fully described and documented. The report must demonstrate the number of graduates entering GME, the positions available in the COM’s affiliated OPTI, the historic percentage of match participation (AOA, NRMP, military, etc.), final placement, the number/percentage of eligible students unsuccessful in the matches, and the residency choices of its graduates. The COCA further states: “COMs should strive to place 100% of their graduates into GME programs and devote the necessary resources to obtain that goal. At a minimum, this retrospective data should demonstrate a 3-year rolling average final placement rate of 98% for those students eligible and participating who entered the AOA, NRMP, or military, etc. matches.”

The College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific at Western University of Health Sciences meets this standard as follows:

  • Graduates from Western University of Health Sciences have enjoyed success in GME residency placement. A total of 319 graduates from COMP and COMP-Northwest sought residency positions in the 2014-2015 academic year and 100% placed in PGY-1 residency positions.
  • There were 117 (37%) graduates who received positions at OGME training programs in academic year 2014-2015
  • A total of 57 DO 2015 graduates [49% (57/117) of DO 2015 graduates choosing OGME) accepted appointments to PGY-1 GME programs which are academically sponsored by the College’s OPTI, OPTI-West.

GME Accountability Report: Data as found in the Western University of Health Sciences COMP Annual Report to AACOM and the COCA Annual Supplemental Report was used for the GME Accountability Report. These datasets previously submitted are supplemented by data compiled internally for reports to the Western University of Health Sciences Board of Trustees during the previous academic year. The GME Accountability Report identifies trends regarding student participation in the ACGME and AOA match as illustrated in the table. As noted, approximately 56% of the College’s graduates obtain placement through the national ACGME Match platform, ACGME SOAP and post-SOAP placement protocols. Approximately 40% of graduates accept positions in AOA programs through the national AOA Match platform and Scramble process, and 4% of students place in the Military Match. Traditionally, students at the College have rarely participated in the San Francisco Match or Urology match. Further, trend-analysis demonstrates that consistently 40% of students place into AOA programs, indicating a need of at least 80 PGY – 1 GME positions in OGME residency. This demand is more than achieved through partnership with OPTI-West; In 2013, 208 PGY-1 positions are allocated to COMP and COMP-Northwest and thus, available for placement.

gme table