Female doctor looking through a microscope.Western University of Health Sciences, COMP would like to formally pay the highest respect to all those who have donated/gifted their body for us to learn and pass on what is known, investigate and answer unsolved questions which will lead to improved surgical/invasive techniques and future treatments and cures. Those who have donated/gifted their bodies are treated the same as a person attending a clinic, receiving a surgical procedure, and volunteering in research. Each year, upon the completion of education and research commitments, a memorial service will be held for those who have donated/gifted their bodies. At COMP, we feel it is a privilege to be able to learn from the human body, and hold this honor with the highest respect. We are very discriminatory about who is allowed access into the cadaver lab learning and research environment. We provide a dynamic environment to stimulate those who are genuinely interested or currently invested in the health care field.