The donor/gift cadaver is the first patient that a student/trainee will be exposed to while reading for a degree in medicine at Western University, COMP. We appreciate that many of our student/trainees may have been exposed to patients from other healthcare sectors prior to earning acceptance into our institution. Your first patient here will require you to practice professional behavior, teamwork, collegialism, communication skills between your colleagues and faculty, and begin developing critical thinking skills needed by a clinician to be safe and efficient. Most of you will not have had the privilege of dissecting a donor/gifted cadaver previously. Student/trainee dissections are all graded out of respect to the donor/gifted cadaver and to enforce accountability. In order to achieve a high standard dissection grade, you will require acute listening skills, structure expectation, instrument handling and operating.


The cadaver lab will integrate the anatomy from x-rays, CT scans (Sectional & 3-D reconstruction), MRI and ultrasonography with dissection. Although the perception is that the focus is on pure identification of a structure within a successful dissection, the goal of the anatomy faculty at COMP is to help you interpret the anatomy of multiple radiological mediums using high standard surgical cadaver dissection.  Our philosophy for the healthcare student/trainee emphasizes integrating anatomy of radiology, surgical and medical specialties in the cadaver lab. We believe that long-term anatomy understanding is best acquired through critical thinking didactic lectures and a multiple medium cadaver lab.