College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion spearheads the college’s efforts to diversify the student body thereby increasing physician-diversity at its source and preparing our graduates to be the best advocates for the health of all of their future patients.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Seamless integration of DEI consciousness in our curriculum
  • Recruitment and successful admission of students from diverse groups
  • Engagement and leadership development of students from diverse groups
  • Recruitment and advancement of employees of diverse groups
  • Active engagement in DEI research
  • Development of funding sources for scholarships, recruitment and retention efforts
  • Celebrations of local, national and global diversity




The mission of the Council of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at COMP and COMP-Northwest Office is:

To create and sustain an environment of belonging that supports opportunities for everyone to thrive.


The vision of the Council of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at COMP and COMP-Northwest Office is:  

  • Attracting, admitting and training diverse students.
  • Recruiting, training and employing diverse staff, faculty and administration.
  • Championing the inclusion of unique qualities in each member of our community through programs that: prioritize equity, build bridges and foster allyships.
  • Providing a culturally sensitive, inclusive and rigorous medical education to prepare our graduates to provide the best care to all their patients.
  • Nurturing an environment free of marginalizing barriers that provides all students with equitable opportunities for learning and leadership development.



Inclusiveness: We will be aware of all voices and perspectives, especially those at the margins.

Compassion: We will always prioritize kindness in our interactions with each other.

Accountability: We will challenge and support each other in furthering our college’s mission and vision for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Respect: We will never compromise on respect for one another.

Empathy: We will make all efforts to actively listen to, understand, and share the perspectives of others.