OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS: Fostering Excellence in Future Physicians


Portrait of Michelle Park Dave Benton Portrait of Pamela Nunn Portrait of Trashon Taylor Portrait of Joyti Mehta

Michelle Park, EdD

Assistant Dean
Office of Student Affairs

Phone: 909-469-5414

David Benton

Assistant Director for Student Affairs and Special Events
Office of Student Affairs

Phone: 909-469-8447

Pamela Nunn

Administrative Associate
Office of Student Affairs

Phone: 909-469-5536

Trashon Taylor

Office of Student Affairs

Phone: 909-469-3739


Jyoti Mehta

Administrative Assistant
Office of Student Affairs

Phone: 909-469-3851

The COMP Office of Student Affairs:

  • Advocates for collective and individual student needs
  • Connects students to resources based on their individual needs
  • Assists students in optimizing their personal “brand” and maximizing their residency options
  • Guides students towards healthy and sustainable relationships with patients, colleagues, faculty and staff
  • Collaborates with faculty and key departments to achieve the best student educational outcomes
  • Encourages students to stay healthy and achieve balance between life and school
  • Implements innovative strategies for supporting and caring for our students
  • Models humanism and the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Promotes effective communication, cultural awareness, and inclusivity


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