College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific


Lab Management

Jilleen Pfaff Jilleen Pfaff, BS, AHT
Coordinator of Animal Resources and Lab Management
Lab Phone#: (541) 259-0255
Research Interests:My research pursuits have involved breeding and maintaining transgenic mouse colonies. I enjoy working in partnership with students on their projects and with faculty researchers. My goal at COMP-NW is to develop an AAALAC accredited working vivarium with research involving mice, rats and hamsters. I am a member of AALAS (American Association of Laboratory Animal Science) and strongly support safety in the laboratory and I take pleasure in working with students to help them develop their skills as researchers.
Tammie J. McQuistan Tammie J. McQuistan, BS
Research Laboratory Coordinator
Lab Phone#: (541) 259-0259
Research Interests:My current research involves determining the activity of an enzyme while tethered in a hydrogel and using fluoroscopy to measure the conformational change of the enzyme while tethered. Previous research at UCSD utilized electron and fluorescent microscopy for protein localization to discover mechanisms of intracellular signaling and traffic. At OSU, we studied how phytochemicals in plants reduce cancer incidence and tumor multiplicity in mouse, rat and trout models. Building on that foundation, pharmacokinetic studies in humans were conducted with micro-doses of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Managing a laboratory safely has been and will be one of my foremost priorities here at Western University of Health Sciences for the furtherance of faculty, staff and student’s success and wellbeing.