Lab Members

Johannie M. Spaan


I completed a PhD in Zoology at Oregon State University in June 2017, where my work focused on stress physiology in free-ranging female African buffalo. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Steinauer lab at Western University of Health Sciences. Our research focus on Schistosomiasis, a tropical neglected disease that affects over 200 million people. Two main projects that I am involved with are 1) understanding how schistosomes influence the behavior and learning capacity of their hosts, and 2) uncovering potential mechanisms that can be manipulated to break the life cycle of this pathogen in order to reduce or eliminate schistosome transmission to humans. My research interest focus on parasitology, stress physiology, disease ecology, eco-immunology, and bioinformatics.

Reference: Picture taken by P. Buss in August 2012.