One Health Research and Education

One Health Research and Education: Costa Rica

The “One Health” framework stresses the linkages connecting human, animal, and environmental health with the goal of attaining optimal health for all1. This perspective is critical to maintaining health in our current era of extreme anthropogenic change, characterized by climate change, vast urbanization and deforestation, and increased globalization. We are beginning to recognize the profound impacts of “one health” linkages in the context of emerging infectious disease and the global spread of antimicrobial resistance genes. However, one health concepts are difficult to operationalize because they require a collaborative effort across health professions working locally and globally. Although interprofessional education and interprofessional healthcare practice is being recognized as an important step toward improving health care systems2,3, this concept of interprofessional education rarely extends outside of the human health care setting1

This effort is an integrated research and training program that 1.) provides a platform for cutting-edge, student-led one health research at the wildlife-livestock-human interface in Costa Rica, and 2.) educates future health care professionals in one health principles, research literacy, interprofessional collaboration, and global health. The three main arms of investigation include:

  1. The spread and flow of antimicrobial resistance genes in domestic animals, wildlife, water supply, and humans.
  2. The distribution of vectors and their pathogens across a gradient in human land use.

Distribution of water-borne pathogens along a gradient in human land use using environmental DNA.





The Team

Brianna Beechler DVM, PhD, Oregon State University

Rhea Hanselmann, DVM, PhD, Western University of Health Sciences

Anna Jolles PhD, Oregon State University

Elisabeth Guenther MD, MPH, Western University of Health Sciences

Edward Junkins MD, MPH, Western University of Health Sciences

Carrie Manore, PhD, Los Alamos National Laboratory,

Maarten Schrama, PhD, Leiden University

Sofia Solano Costa Rica Conservation Biology

Carlina Fernandez Coghi, DVM and Gianca Coghi, DVM Costa Rica



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