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Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy

Recent papers:

Taylor, M.P., and Wedel, M.J. 2021. Why is vertebral pneumaticity in sauropod dinosaurs so variable? Qeios. doi:10.32388/1G6J3Q.

Hone, D.W.E., Farke, A.A., and Wedel, M.J. 2016. Ontogeny and the fossil record: what, if anything, is an adult dinosaur? Biology Letters 2016 12 20150947; DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2015.0947.

Kraatz, B.P., Sherratt, E., Bumacod, N., and Wedel, M.J. 2015. Ecological correlates to cranial morphology in leporids (Mammalia, Lagomorpha).PeerJ, 3:e844.

Foster, J.R., and Wedel, M.J. 2014. Haplocanthosaurus (Saurischia: Sauropoda) from the lower Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) near Snowmass, Colorado. Volumina Jurassica 12(2): 197–210. DOI: 10.5604/17313708 .1130144

Farke, A.A., Maxwell, W.D., Cifelli, R.L., and Wedel, M.J. 2014. A ceratopsian dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Western North America, and the biogeography of Neoceratopsia. PLoS ONE 9(12): e112055. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0112055

Recent abstracts:

Woodruff, C., Wolff, E., Wedel, M.J., Witmer, L. 2020. Sauro-throat: the first occurrence of a respiratory infection in a non-avian dinosaur. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 80th Annual Meeting, Abstracts, p. 298.

Dooley, A.C., Radford, D., Wedel, M.J., Atterholt, J., Nalley, T. 2020. “Broader Impacts”, an exhibit program focusing on basic research. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 80th  Annual Meeting, Abstracts, p. 70.

Wedel, M., Foster, J., Engh, B., and Hunt-Foster, R. 2020. In the footsteps of giants: finding and excavating new fossils of Brachiosaurus from the Lower Morrison Formation of Utah. Burpee Museum of Natural History PaleoFest 2020 Event Program, p. 35.

Taylor, M., and Wedel, M. 2019. The past, present, and future of Jensen’s Big Three sauropods. 67th Symposium on Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, Abstracts, p. 14.

Atterholt, J., and Wedel, M. 2019. Neural canal ridges: a novel osteological correlate of post-cranial neurology in dinosaurs. 67th Symposium on Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, Abstracts, p. 3.

Weil, A., Wedel, M.J., and O’Brien, H.D. 2019. First occurrence of distal caudal pneumaticity in an apatosaurine sauropod suggests homoplasy of distal pneumatic diverticula throughout Neosauropoda. Journal of Morphology 280, Issue S1: International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology abstracts, S236-S237.

Human Anatomy

Recent papers:

Staples, B., Ennedy, E., Kim, T., Nguyen, S., Shore, A., Vu, T., Labovitz, J., and Wedel, M. 2019. Cutaneous branch of the obturator nerve extending to the medial ankle and foot: a report of two cadaveric cases. Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery 58(6): 1267-1272.

Penera, K., Manji, K., Wedel, M., Shofler, D., and  Labovitz, J. 2014. Ankle syndesmotic fixation using two screws: Risk of injury to the Perforating Branch of the Peroneal Artery. The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery 53(5):534-8. DOI: 10.1053/j.jfas.2014.04.006

Recent abstracts:

Kramer, A.M., Schneider, A.A., Bustos, L.N., Chin, D., Shapiro, J., and Wedel, M.J. 2020. Peroneocalcaneus muscle and other anomalous variants in the lateral compartment of the lower extremity: a cadaveric case report. American Podiatric Medical Association Annual Scientific Meeting, Program.

Wedel, M. 2019. How to make new discoveries in (human) anatomy. 67th Symposium on

Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, Abstracts, p. 15.

Wireman, G., Glass, E., Wedel, M., Cornelison, M., Chin, D., and Kramer, A. 2019. The incidence and classification of the peroneus tertius, peroneus quartus & peroneus digiti quinti: a cadaveric study. American Podiatric Medical Association Annual Scientific Meeting, Program.

Snyder, S.G., Wedel, M., and Truong, J.B. 2019. Description and comparison of bilateral variations of the soleus accessorius muscle in a cadaver. American Association of Clinical Anatomists, 36th Annual Meeting Proceedings, p. 57.

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