R Kandpal Raj P. Kandpal, PhD
Assistant Chair of BMS Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Office#: (909) 706-3520 – Lab#: (909) 706-3533
Research Interests: We have been using cell biological, molecular biological and genetic approaches to understand mechanisms underlying disease processes and indentifying targets for therapeutic interventions. We have been applying these approaches toward investigating breast, prostate and ovarian cancer, human deafness, and diabetic retinopathy.
Li Zhong Li Zhong, PhD
Associate Professor of Physiology
Office#: (909) 469-8220 – Lab#: (909) 469-8236
Research Interests: Dr. Zhong’s research interests focus on early cancer detection using autoantibody profiles as biomarkers. They have developed novel screening technology for early detection of lung cancer using T7 phage display cDNA libraries and differential biopanning to isolate epitopes reacting with antibodies present specifically in the sera of patients with lung cancer. Using five combined biomarkers, they have achieved both sensitivity and specificity of 91.3 percent for stage I non-small cell lung cancer detection (Zhong, 2005), and sensitivity of 82.6 percent and specificity of 87.5 percent for detection of occult (one to five years prior to diagnosis) non-small cell lung cancer (Zhong, 2006). The results were much more sensitive and specific than the traditional biomarkers for lung cancer.