Thierra Nalley, PhD Thierra Nalley, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Research Interests:

  • Biomechanics of primate locomotion, specifically the relationships among the vertebral column, skull, and the pectoral girdle.
  • Investigate the function-form relationships between cranial shape, cervical bony and soft tissue morphologies, and positional behaviors to better understand adaptation in living primates and to aid reconstructions of behavior in fossil taxa.
  • Identify phylogenetic and ontogenetic differences across the entire vertebral column in humans, apes, and fossil species.
  • Examining musculoskeletal plasticity in the vertebral column and how behavior and ontogeny influence adult morphologies at both the microscopic and gross levels.
Hendrik Szurmant Hendrik Szurmant, PhD
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Office#: (909) 706-3938 – Lab#: (909) 469-8493
Research Interests:

Pathogenic bacteria are some of the most formidable threats to human health. These threats appeared all but eliminated, thanks due to the discovery of powerful antibiotics. The constant exposure of bacteria to these antibiotics has selected for potent multi-drug resistant bacteria, so called superbugs, that are making a strong comeback. To cope with this renewed threat a dedicated effort by the scientific community is needed to identify new drug targets and to generate inhibitors of such targets. The Szurmant laboratory contributes to this endeavor by studying essential aspects of bacterial physiology and signal transduction in model bacteria and selected pathogens. A unique feature of the lab is the integration of information stemming from numerous disciplines, including structural biology, genetics, molecular bioinformatics and biophysics.