College of Pharmacy

Commitment to Diversity

The College of Pharmacy at the Western University of Health Sciences is committed to creating an academic environment that celebrates diversity and the value that multicultural perspectives add to the quality of the educational experience. Thus, the College seeks to attract students who can offer different perspectives on life in a multicultural society and who can contribute to the awareness of socioeconomic and multicultural diversity at WesternU.

Our Successes

  • In our RxBound we highlight our efforts at reaching out and informing the youth in our diverse communities about the vast opportunities that await them in pharmacy and the health professions.
  • Local students are inspired to become pharmacists or health care professionals when they participate in pharmacology exercises at the WesternU College of Pharmacy Compounding Lab during Palomares Day.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To the extent that funds are available, diversity-based scholarships may be granted to deserving individuals who meet our criteria as outlined below:
  • Scholarships are available to students regardless of race or ethnicity, who are underrepresented (<20% representation) within our program. Students who have an expressed commitment to or a demonstrated record of service to underserved or underrepresented populations will be eligible for diversity-based scholarships.
  • Some diversity-based scholarships will be based on geographic location identified as underserved in terms of pharmaceutical care.
  • Diversity-based scholarships will be offered only to those who meet and maintain our published academic quality standards.
  • Applicants for diversity-based scholarships will be required to provide a statement describing how they will contribute to the understanding of diversity in the learning environment and how they will contribute to the service of underrepresented populations.
  • Any recipient of diversity-based scholarship will be required to participate in graduate surveys to assist us in assessing the impact of this scholarship on meeting our educational and societal goals as described in our Mission.
  • The recipient must have secured his/her seat in the class and must be an entry-level (PharmD Year 1) student.
  • Awardees may receive up to two disbursements for a single award.
  • The Scholarship Application Process

If you meet all or any of the criteria listed above, please download the scholarship instruction page and follow the directions for completion as indicated.