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Here you will find information about the College of Pharmacy and the International Post-Baccalaureate PharmD (IPBP) program. If you are interested in applying for admission to the IPBP program, select How to Apply.

The Western University College of Pharmacy offers a unique opportunity for American and/or foreign trained Pharmacists with a bachelor’s degree (B.S. or equivalent) who wish to progress to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. Applicants are admitted with advanced standing into the second year of our traditional Pharm.D. curriculum thereby by-passing the first-year entirely. The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree awarded to the students in the international program is the same as those awarded to our students in the traditional Pharm.D. program.

For more information on the traditional curriculum including the block design, please see details listed under curriculum.

IPBP Curriculum Timeline:


Year of
Year of
Regular Curriculum
Timelines Pharmacy Practice (PP)
Blocks to be Completed
1 2nd Mid July – Early August
Mid August – May
Mid June – July
PP (I) – PP (X)
2 3rd August – January
February – May
PP (XI) – PP (XV)
2 Clerkship rotations
(APPE 1 and 2)
3 4th May – February
February – May
5 Clerkship rotations
(APPE 3 – 8)
Advanced Elective


(* Please access curriculum information link for an explanation of the acronyms)