College of Pharmacy

Mission & Goals

Vision Statement:

Develop leaders in pharmaceutical care and research who will advance global health outcomes through innovative pharmacy practice, interprofessional collaboration, scholarship and service.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide innovative educational experiences that produce humanistic, caring, and competent team-ready health professionals and scientists. 

  • To support and stimulate scholarship, teaching, and service to improve the human condition.

  • To engage local, national and international partners to maximize the impact of the College.


Goal 1: Identify, attract, and enroll highly motivated students with diverse backgrounds who are highly qualified in their academic preparedness, motivation, professionalism, communication skills, ethical character, leadership, and critical thinking ability.

Goal 2: Deliver an innovative educational program that prepares life-long learners for successful careers in pharmacy, education, and research.

Goal 3: Create the national model for developing team-ready health professionals.

Goal 4: Recruit, develop and retain highly qualified faculty who are leaders in education, scholarship, research, patient care, and professional service.

Goal 5: Foster an environment that facilitates innovative, collaborative, and externally funded research programs.

Goal 6: Generate and disseminate new knowledge that contributes to patient care and the understanding, prevention and treatment of disease.

Goal 7: Provide leadership in professional, scientific and healthcare organizations in order to advocate for patient care and to advance the science and profession of pharmacy.

Goal 8: Broaden support and secure funding for student scholarships, educational and research endeavors, and critical needs.

Goal 9: Develop strategic national and international partnerships with students, faculty, alumni, and friends to broaden the global impact of the College.