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Person sitting on high rock

Connie Bouvier, DPT ’18
“Dunia Duwars” (Kiswahili for “The World is Round”)
Humanism in the Health Sciences 2016, page 16
“They send us on our way with bracelets and necklaces, taken from their own arms and necks. This is how it is to be their guests. This is how small our efforts seem compared to the largeness of their gratitude.”

Vady Khalil painting

Painting by Vady Khalil, OD ’21
Humanism in the Health Sciences 2018, page 41



Arts have the ability to comfort, provoke thought, connect us to each other, and to help us heal during this time of uncertainty and upheaval; they are a reflection of our culture, identity and the times in which we live. This unique magazine has always stood apart as a place to reflect upon and share the art of medicine and the humanistic principles that guide this university’s mission.

As we are transitioning the submission process, and likely the next publication, to an online format, the submission deadline for the 2019-20 issue of HHS has been delayed until Fall 2020. We apologize for the delay, but sincerely hope to give our authors and artists time to reflect and share.


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