Request a Verification

Obtaining a Verification of Enrollment or Degree

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 prevents the Registrar’s Office from releasing materials contained in your student file without your written permission. To comply with FERPA, Western University of Health Sciences requires that requests be made in writing. The Office of the Registrar will not accept any requests by telephone.

The Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce that students can now enjoy the convenience of free and easy access to enrollment verifications and information, which can be accessed directly via the Student Portal.  To print your self-service enrollment verification today, log in to the Student Portal and click on the National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification link from the Personal Info & Student Record Menu. 

Students may also use the ‘Verification Request Form’ below to obtain an enrollment or degree verification. Once completed, fax, mail, or email a scanned copy of the form to the Office of the Registrar for processing. For complete instructions, please review the ‘Verification Request Form’ and instructions below.

Verification Request Form

Completing the Verification Request Form

The Verification Request Form is also available in the Office of the Registrar. If you are not able to download the above form or visit our office to complete the form; requests can also be made in writing with the following information:

Full legal name (include any former names used while attending)

Social Security number or student ID number

Program and year of graduation (if applicable)

Name/Organization and full address of where documents should be forwarded

Current address and daytime telephone number

Date of request

Request must have the student’s signature. Requests made by others on behalf of the student will not be accepted.

Request may be mailed, faxed, or scanned and emailed to registrar@westernu.edu

Additional Information

All requests must indicate the name/organization of the party to whom the document is intended.

  • Requests may take up to 3-5 business days to process

Students may request for their documents to be picked up in the Office of the Registrar. Students will be notified via their WesternU email when request is ready for pick up (please bring photo ID). Materials requested for pick up will be purged after 30 days.

  • If you have a deadline, printed proof, clearly stated, must be attached to your request

Letters of Enrollment will only verify enrollment for past or current terms.

Letters of Good Standing will only be processed if students meet their program’s satisfactory academic progress requirement as indicated in the University Catalog.

Employer and Background Screening Firms

Western University of Health Sciences has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. Please contact the NSC directly to verify the enrollment/degree of Western University students and alumni.


13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Ste. 300
Herndon, VA 20171
Website: www.degreeverify.org
Phone: (703) 742-4200
Fax: (703) 742-4239
Email: service@studentclearinghouse.org