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Guidelines for Submitting an IACUC Protocol through IRBNet

Each Step is accompanied by a Training Energizer (IRBNet step by step instructions) and Video tutorial.
Topics covered are listed below each step.

* For further guidance please contact: IACUC Office or 909-469-5606

Terms used within IRBNet:
Project= Protocol
Package= All documents for review (i.e. protocol application)


Step 1) IRBNet Access:

Step 2) Self Register: New User Registration

  • Create and Activate your account in IRBNet
  • Manage affiliations from User Profile
  • Add and submit necessary Training & Credential Records
  • Maintain T&C records

Step 3) Create and Submit Project: New Project Submission

**Be sure to select the correct board for review. Western University of Health Sciences IACUC

  • Access Forms from Forms and Templates Library
  • Create New Electronic Project
  • Design and Assemble Project Submission
  • Share submission with Research Team
  • Send project email to Research team
  • Sign project package
  • Submit project package for review
  • Manage Projects from you My Projects Page
  • Revise Incomplete Submission

Step 4) Post- Submission; Revisions, Annual Renewals: Post-Submission Advanced Topics

  • Review Project Messages and Alerts
  • Create a New Package for your Project ( Revisions, Annual Renewals, Amendments)
  • Add and Revise Documents
  • Complete and Submit Subsequent Package
  • Perform My Project Management
  • Manage My Reminders