Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a term that describes an approach to medicine that involves the whole person. The term refers to various aspects of how we live and our lifestyle’s effects on our health.

This includes things like exercise, wellness, stress reduction, meditation, traditional chinese medicine, nutrition and nutraceuticals, and more.

This information was compliled with the assistance of a document written by Moses Sing Sum Chow, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP Professor, and Dir. Center for Advancement of Drug Research and Evaluation (CADRE) College of Pharmacy 



Tripterygium wilfordii,  the “Thunder God Vine”  
Chinese medicine may have an effect on Dementia. In an article in Acta Pharmacologica Sinica, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai have summarized some of the most well-know herbal remedies, showing the images of the plants or herbs, and the isolated active chemicals related to the herbs or plant.  

 Some of these herbs include turmeric, panax ginseng, thunder god vine, ginger, and gingko biloba

 Here is some of the research at WesternU involving Herbal Medicine:

 Ying Huang, MD, PhD,  from the College of Pharmacy and colleagues from CADRE have been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. They reported in the journal for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in 2013 in, “Utilization of Gene Expression Signature for Quality Control of Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula.” Dr. Huang’s lab investigates natural products, such as traditional herbal medicines, for their effects on overcoming drug resistance and on cancer chemoprevention.
 Dr. Huang and colleagues   have published on this topic in their book chapter in “Evidence-based Anticancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Herbal Medicine for Various Cancers,” Springer Publications,  February 2011  S. Prabhu, Y. Huang and J. Wang. “Evidence-based Anticancer Herbal Medicine for Cancer Chemoprevention” 
 Also from the College of Pharmacy, Moses Chow, PharmD   studies the development of herbal medicine and its effects on anticancer drug efficacy by using various mechanisms of herb-drug interactions. 
 The Center for Advancement of Drug Research and Evaluation (CADRE)

 is a research collaboration across multiple departments with the focus of drug product research and formulation, including herbal remedies and interactions.



 Dr. Zhijun(Kevin) Wang, Assistant Research Professor at CADRE,


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Chow, MSS and Ying Huang (Co-PI)

Grants and Contracts:

Chinese medicine to overcome resistant chemotherapy: comparison of the effects of Tripterygium wilfordii with other selected herbal extracts in cell models of resistant lung, pancreatic and prostate cancers. Subcontract from Macau University of Science and Technology $52,456 for the period 11/1/2013-10/30/2015