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Employees Laboratory Safety Training

Lab safety training instructions:

Online Courses

To Access On-Line Safety Training:

Before the employee will be given access to the lab, the employee must complete the training, testing and secure a certificate:

Click on the NIH Lab Safety Website and register by creating an account.


Introduction to Lab Safety – On-Line Training.

Follow the instructions; part of which will be registration.  Upon successful completion, a certificate will be generated.  This certificate will be needed, therefore, it should be saved by the employee.

Sign up for training class

  1. Scroll down to available courses
  2. Introduction to Lab Safety-On-line Training or Bloodborne Pathogen Refresher Course On-Line Training
  3. Register for class (light blue at the bottom of the course description)
  4. New user – create account
  5. Check do not have an NIH badge ID number
  6. Institute assignment-check other
  7. Location Pomona, California
  8. Address: 309 E. Second St., Pomona California 91766
  9. My role at NIH; check other
  10. Course drop down-check the on-line course you will be taking

  Note, Individual laboratories may also have additional Lab Safety Training modules that must be completed before the new employee will be cleared to begin work in the lab.  Documentation of completion for this training is also required. 

Upon completion of all required training, the employee should then navigate to: https://webapp.westernu.edu/res_certificate/new-cert/.  There, they will fill in the required information and upload copies of the certificates.

A confirmation of completion notice will be sent to the employee as well as their supervisor and pertinent lab safety office personnel.