Research Publications in the Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

Maria Fahie, DVM, (surgery) and Associate Professor and Biostatistician Fanglong Dong, PhD (Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences):

Chang S, Dong F, Lagman M, Schmidt PL, Irizarry KL, Schulz D, Fahie MA. In Vitro Biomechanical Testing of the Tube Knot. Veterinary Surgery (In press as of 9-23-16)


Associate Professor Fanglong Dong (Biostatistician), in collaboration with Dr. Michael Neeki from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Trauma Department, had a paper accepted for publication at Western Journal of Emergency Medicine.


CVM Assistant Professor Jijun Hao, along with his collaborators Ying Huang (College of Pharmacy), Zhijun Wang (College of Pharmacy) and Joshua Cameron (College of Optometry) have recently published a research paper titled “Triptonide Effectively Inhibits Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling via C-terminal Transactivation Domain of β-catenin” in Scientific Reports