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Pre-Phase I

While the University remains open, working from home is the first choice and priority for as many employees as possible, in accordance with the state stay-at-home order. Employees should be on site only when performing essential tasks. All on-campus research is restricted to essential and COVID-19 activities only. Access to all campus buildings is restricted.

Phase I

Operating Units (OU) begin to bring employees back to campus, including the use of shifts.

Employees unable to perform their duties fully and effectively remotely or lacking a remote work environment conducive to doing so, should be the first to return.

Most instruction remains online/remote.

Resumption of research with strict 6 ft. minimum distancing practices, including the use of shifts.

Phase II

More OU employees return from telework to campus as needed, including those who can perform their roles fully and effectively remotely, but prefer to work on campus.

Lectures begin to resume in-person (low density, and always with an online option).

Research labs continue with low density (minimum of 6 ft. distancing, still with masking).

In-person research activities increase, but in shifts to minimize number of people in labs.

Phase III

Instruction in large lecture halls without strict distancing.

All employees are able to return to campus without restrictions.

Return from telework for all employees unless approval has been received to continue working remotely long-term.

Larger social gatherings (e.g., large gathering events)

Unrestricted travel.

  Pre-Phase I Phase I Phase II Phase III
Face Covering Required Required Required Required
Temperature Check at Entry Required Required Required Required
Wash Hands & Use Hand Sanitizer Required Required Required Required
6’ apart Required Required Required Required
Restrooms Limited Capacity Limited Capacity Limited Capacity Capacity
Elevators Limited Capacity Limited Capacity Limited Capacity Capacity
Break Rooms Not Available Not Available Not Available Available
Food Service Not Available Not Available Not Available Available
Travel Not Allowed Limited Limited Capacity
Large Gatherings Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed Capacity