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WesternU COVID-19 Signage

WesternU COVID-19 Signage

Feel free to download this signage for printing and posting on front doors, in entryways, or throughout buildings.

Social Distancing Guidelines

DOWNLOAD PDFLunch Room Guidelines poster

Lunch Room Guidelines

DOWNLOAD PDFLunch Room Guidelines poster

Do not remove furniture

DOWNLOAD PDFDo Not Remove Furniture poster

Stay right

DOWNLOAD PDFStay right poster

Please don’t sit here

DOWNLOAD PDFDont sit here poster

Need to be sanitized

DOWNLOAD PDFNeed to be sanitized poster

Not need to be sanitized

DOWNLOAD PDFNot need to be sanitized poster

Safety First

DOWNLOAD PDFCOVID bldg entry poster

How to use mask

DOWNLOAD PDFHow to use mask poster

Safe mask wearing techniques

DOWNLOAD PDFSafe mask wearing techniques poster

Please read before entering

DOWNLOAD PDFPlease read before entering poster

Know the facts

DOWNLOAD PDFKnow the facts poster

Interior signage

DOWNLOAD PDFCOVID interior signage

CVM Assistance

DOWNLOAD PDFCVM Assistance poster

CVM Building Entry

DOWNLOAD PDFCVM Building Entry poster

CVM New Hours

DOWNLOAD PDFCVM New Hours poster