Environmental Health & Safety

Services Offered

Services Offered  

The University Safety Department offers a variety of services to the main campus

LiveSafe App

  • WesternU has collaborated with the LiveSafe mobile app to provide our community a powerful tool that will help keep our campuses safe. For more information regarding LiveSafe, please visit https://www.westernu.edu/students/livesafe/ .

Student Safety Escort

  • The Student Safety Escort program is for any student, staff, faculty or visitors who are concerned about their safety. Escorts are provided by foot. Safety Escorts can be requested by calling (909) 706-3000   or dial 3000 from any campus phone, or through the “LiveSafe” Smartphone app.


  • The Pomona Police Department provides free electronic alerts for accurate, important, and time sensitive information via text, e-mail, and web. Get neighborhood-level public safety and health alerts and other relevant community information. Please visit https://nixle.com/pomona-police-department/ for more information.

Bicycle Program

  • The bicycle registration program is a free service provided to the community. This program allows you to register your bicycle with the National Bicycle Registry. Upon registering your bicycle, you receive a unique tamper resistant sticker to place on your bicycle, which may deter theft and increase possibility of recovery. https://www.nationalbikeregistry.com/

Filing a Security Incident Report

Any incidents or problems are reported on an “Incident Report” and are submitted to the Environmental Health & Safety Office. In order to file an Incident report you must contact Campus Security at (909) 706-3000  or via email at security@westernu.edu. Once the report has been created it will be forwarded to the Environmental Health & Safety Office for review. Please keep in mind that a “Security Incident Report” is separate from the internal Incident Report.

If you would like to file a Police Report with the Pomona Police Department, please call (909) 622-1241  to speak to a Police Dispatcher and request an Officer to respond or follow the link below to file a report online


Requesting Security for Events

To request Security for an Event, please send an email to safety@westernu.edu.

In the email, please include the following information:






Hours needed

Number of Attendees


If you have scheduled your event through Resource Scheduler, please complete the request for Security in the “Security” tab.