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WesternU / Campus Security / Parking On Campus / Frequently Asked Parking Questions

Frequently Asked Parking Questions

I do not drive to campus or I use an alternate means of transportation. Do I still need a parking permit?

No. Although, anyone discovered parking in WesternU parking without a permit will be ticketed by the Vehicle Parking District (VPD), of the City of Pomona. Anyone discovered parking illegally in WesternU parking 3 times within a semester will have their vehicle towed and be subject to a fine by Western University of Health Sciences.

I lost my parking permit, my parking permit was stolen, or I sold my car and purchased a new one. Can I get a replacement?

If you have lost your parking permit you may request a replacement from the Bursars office for the full price of the original purchased permit.

What if I am only on campus a few times a year?

You may use Daily Permit parking. If you are attending with a large group your college will request a special permit that your group can purchase from the Bursars office to cover your parking.

Am I required to buy an annual parking permit tag to park on campus?

Yes. A parking permit is mandatory for all faculty, staff, and students to park on University owned or controlled property within the Vehicle Parking District (the VPD district covers the area between Towne Avenue and White Avenue on the East and West, and Holt Avenue and Mission Blvd on the North and South). These rules are in effect Monday through Friday. All rules and regulations governing parking are enforced during these restricted hours.

Western University of Health Sciences parking spaces are included under various leases within the Vehicle Parking District (VPD) property. These various agreements involve private developers, governmental agencies, and other non-University landowners.

Exception: There are a limited number of City Daily Permit Parking spaces in Lot 12 (see University Parking Map) for those who do not purchase a WesternU parking permit. These spaces are not controlled by WesternU; consequently, we cannot guarantee that a parking space will be available in this area.

Is there a fee for obtaining a parking permit?

Yes. A parking permit may be purchased at anytime throughout the year. Rates and payment methods are outlined in the Parking Policy and Procedures available on the intranet. Please see the separate “Student” and “Employee” pages for further information.

Do I have to buy a permit if I drive a motorcycle to campus?

Yes, you are required to obtain a parking permit. If you will be parking in the designated “Group Motorcycle Parking” area, your fee will be half the cost of the regular permit. If you choose to park in a General (unreserved) full size parking space your fee will be the regular annual fee.

The designated motorcycle Group parking areas are located at the rear of the University Services Center (USC) as well as designated motorcycle spaces in the university parking structure. There are two of these marked spaces near the stairwells on the 3rd through 7th floors. Motorcycle owners will receive a color-coded parking decal indicating which type of motorcycle parking you have purchased.

Where do I place my parking permit?

Vehicle parking permits must be hung (and viewable) from your rear view mirror in order to be valid.

Motorcycle permits (decals) must be placed on the front left fork.

When will my parking permit expire?

Student permits will be recognized as valid during the academic school year (August through July/August) period. Summer students’ permits will be honored until their classes end.

Can I park anywhere and anytime with an annual parking permit?

Students may only park in Student lots and Employees may only park in Employee lots. Both groups may park in designated areas of the University parking structure.

As the separately organized “Vehicle Parking District” of the City of Pomona also sets restrictions on our lots, there may be time limits for some parking lots, such as 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 facilitate public parking. If this occurs you will be notified and anyone staying later than 7:00 p.m. may move their vehicle to the University parking structure or other designated WesternU parking lots that are not time constricted.

All vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will receive a citation from the city. You may not “create” a parking space, (if it is not a marked parking space you may not park there). This includes fence lines, trash receptacle storage areas, striped areas, fire lanes, loading zones, guest parking, etc.

Refer to the parking map for acceptable parking locations. Please keep in mind that this map will be updated as appropriate changes occur.

“Reserved” parking permit spaces will be restricted to the specific permit holder assigned to the space. Unauthorized parking in a reserved space will result in a citation.

May I park in the University Parking Structure?

Yes, you may park on the 3rd through 7th floors in the designated “permit parking” spaces. All floors have both elevators and stairs except the 7th floor (roof), there are stairs but no elevator access.

The first 2 floors accommodate patient, accessible (disabled) and reserved parking. Part of the third floor is also dedicated patient parking.

The vehicle height limit on the 2nd through 6th floors is 7 feet.

I have a parking permit on my car; can I leave my vehicle parked on campus if it is not operational? Can I leave my car on campus over the summer?

No, an inoperative vehicle is subject to tow. In addition, vehicles cannot be stored on campus during Inter-term or summer months. Those doing so will be subject to tow.

What may cause me to be ticketed by the City?

  • Parking in a WesternU employee space without a faculty or employee permit displayed on your rear view mirror.
  • Parking in an Accessible (Disabled) parking space without the DMV tag displayed.
  • Parking in a Patient space in the university parking structure.
  • Parking in a City Public Metered Parking space with an employee, faculty or student permit.
  • Parking in a Reserved space that has not been assigned to you.
  • You may also be ticketed by the city if your registration tags are not current.

The Pomona Police Department patrols all lots and tickets anyone parked incorrectly.

Employee Parking – Frequently Asked Questions

The parking year runs from August to August. Each year faculty and staff may change their parking preference to reserved parking or back to general parking at this time. All faculty and staff are required to register their vehicle(s) in Self-Service (Banweb) if they intend to park in any of the university controlled parking spaces.

The annual parking permit will be paid via bi-weekly pre-tax payroll deductions. As of August 1, 2012, the deduction for a general employee parking permit at the annual rate will be $18.08 per pay period. The deduction for a reserved parking permit at an annual rate will be $36.15 per pay period. The deduction for a motorcycle parking in the “group motorcycle” area or a specified motorcycle space in the parking structure will be $9.04 per pay period. Motorcycle parking in a general parking space will be at the regular annual fees.

The time period covered by the payroll deduction payment is the work week in which the employee is paid and the following week.

How will I submit my request for a parking permit or submit a waiver?

To register you will need to sign in to Self-Service (Banweb) with your password, go to the “Personal Information Services Menu”, and fill out the information in the “Request Parking Permit or Waiver” section. Please have your vehicle license plate and drivers’ license numbers available.

At that time you may choose to:

  • Purchase the general annual parking permit.
  • Purchase a Motorcycle “Group” parking permit.
  • Purchase a “Reserved” parking permit at the higher rate.
  • Submit a waiver stating that you will not be parking a vehicle on campus.

By indicating that you are purchasing a parking permit you are authorizing a personal payroll deduction, which will create a parking permit number to be assigned to your name. You may register up to 3 vehicles on one permit.

Who has access to the parking information that I enter?

The information that you enter may be accessed by authorized employees within the Payroll, Facilities, Security, and Human Resources departments.

May I purchase a space that is reserved for only my vehicle?

Yes, employees may enter a request in the signup page for a “Reserved” parking space where only they may park. Reserved parking is at a higher rate than the standard parking rate.

There will be reserved parking permit spaces available in all employee lots and in the University Parking Structure. You will choose an available lot and space on the parking sign up page in Self-Service (Banweb).

Where do employees park?

Employee parking lots are 17, 19, 21, 24 and the University Parking Structure (shared with students), floors 3 thru 7.

Select this link to view our Parking Map.

If I am a new faculty member or staff member starting employment after the initial signup, do I still have to pay full price for a parking permit?

The annual fees will be pro-rated via bi-weekly payroll deductions.

I have a disability. Do I need anything special to complete vehicle registration?

Those with Disability parking placards/plates will be required to enter the Placard number on the personal information page when they register for parking.

When you register your vehicle on-line please be sure to include both the placard number and any expiration date in the appropriate fields.

If you acquire a Disability placard after you have already been issued a parking permit, you are still required to register the placard on Self-Service (Banweb). All vehicles displaying disability placards/plates must also display a valid University parking permit while parked in Western University private parking. All parking rights granted by the DMV to vehicles displaying a Disabled Person placard or license plate are retained.

How long will it take a new employee to receive a parking permit?

New employees who wish to purchase a parking permit will receive a temporary parking permit good for 10 days or until they are able to sign up through Self-Service (Banweb). They will be charged a retroactive amount from the first day of parking in a university controlled space.

How do I receive my parking permit?

When you submit your parking permit request and authorization for payroll deduction you will receive a confirmation with your parking permit number. Please take your printed confirmation to the Facilities office to receive your permit. Please allow 1 hour from the time of your submittal before collecting your permit.

I do not drive to campus or I use an alternate means of transportation. Can I waive the parking permit fee?

Yes. You may submit the waiver in your personal information in Self-Service (Banweb). Because there are occasions where a person who signed a waiver may have to drive they may use City Daily Permit Parking in Lot 12 (behind the Subway and TTL).

Anyone discovered parking in WesternU parking without a permit will be ticketed by the City of Pomona. Anyone discovered parking illegally in WesternU parking 3 times within a semester will have their vehicle towed and be subject to a fine by Western University.

I waived my parking fee but now have to drive to the university. Can I reverse the waiver and obtain a parking permit?

Yes. You must log onto Self-Service (Banweb) to register your vehicle and request a parking permit. You may opt in or out no more than 2 times in one academic year after your initial registration.

I have a parking permit but now wish to use other transportation and submit a waiver.

Individuals who submit a waiver are instructed to return their WesternU Parking Permit to the Payroll Department to end the payroll deduction. On ending employment with Western University of Health Sciences the permit must be returned to the Office of Human Resources.

Upon return of the Parking Permit, the related payroll deduction will be adjusted. In the absence of a returned Parking Permit, the recognition of the standard fee will continue.

Are there reserved permit spaces available for faculty and staff?

A limited number of reserved spaces are available in the designated lots and university parking structure. Each individual choosing this option is assigned to a numbered space and have sole access on any business day (seven days a week), recognized University holidays excepted.

Reserved spaces are only available to the permit that is assigned to that parking space. These spaces will have signs posted to indicate that they are reserved. Any other vehicles found in these spaces are subject to ticket and/or tow. Purchase of a reserved permit will be a one year commitment covering the entire term.

Can I share my reserved space with another faculty or staff member if I am part time?

Yes, there will be a parking permit assigned to each reserved space. As long as the properly numbered hang tag permit is displayed on the (registered) vehicle the vehicle will not be cited. You may register 3 vehicles on one permit. We cannot issue duplicate permits, the permit must be shared.

Unregistered vehicles found parked in a reserved space will be subject to citation. If a vehicle is found displaying a lost or stolen, or otherwise illegally obtained permit, the vehicle will be subject to impound, legal and/or university sanctions.

How will Rideshare/Car pooling work with the new parking permits?

Employees who wish to rideshare together may choose one of their group to purchase the parking permit. Up to 3 vehicles can be registered on one permit. It is the permit holders responsibility to make financial arrangements with the other carpoolers. Only one permit can be issued and must be shared by the carpoolers.

Employees who rideshare will continue to submit monthly reimbursement forms through the Office of Human Resources. For additional information on reimbursement rates refer to the Rideshare web page.

What if my car is in the shop, or I am driving a rental vehicle and I forgot my permit?

You will need a short-term temporary permit. You may temporarily park in the University Services Center parking lot. Go to the second floor of the USC (Facilities Office) and provide proof of your repair or rental vehicle contract.

With valid proof you will be issued a short-term permit. The short term permit will only be valid while your primary vehicle is unavailable. Any misuse of a temporary short term permit may result in the vehicle being impounded and/or University sanctions.

What if I have more than one car?

It is required that all additional vehicle(s) that will be parked in WesternU parking, whether owned or leased, be registered on-line. Unregistered vehicles will be cited. Please move your parking permit to the registered vehicle that you are driving for the day.

My vehicle was involved in an accident or was vandalized and my parking permit is missing. Do I have to buy a new parking permit?

If you bring in a police report to Parking Services Safety or some other form of proof, you may obtain a replacement permit at no charge. You will be required to complete a Lost/Stolen/Damaged Report Form at the time a new permit is issued.

Without a police report or other proof, the replacement cost will be $25.00. All replacement fees must be paid at Parking Services in the Facilities offices where you will be supplied with a new permit. Checks should be made payable to Western University of Health Sciences.

My parking permit is cracked/broken, may I receive another?

Yes, you must bring the damaged permit to the Facilities office and a new permit will be assigned to you at no charge.

I lost my parking permit, can I get a replacement?

Yes, the replacement cost will be $25.00. A Lost/Stolen Report will need to be filed with Facilities. Filing a false report or anyone found using a reported lost or stolen permit will be subject to vehicle impound and University sanctions.

I sold my car and purchased a new one, do I use the same permit?

Yes, update your vehicle information on line and you may use the same permit in the new car.

What are the City Public Metered Parking (formerly Daily Permit) regulations and where do I purchase one?

There is City Public Metered parking in lot #12. The VPD monitors this parking and will ticket anyone parked incorrectly.

Is there any Unrestricted Parking on campus during the year?

No, the parking rules remain the same all year.

I am on vacation; can I allow someone else to use my reserved space in my absence?

Yes. Their vehicle must be registered and it must be displaying the proper permit (borrowed from you) for the particular space.

Can I sublease my reserved space to someone else or transfer ownership?


What if I wish to cancel my parking permit and enter a waiver?

You may go on-line and make the change on your personal information page. Please allow the payroll office 5 days before payroll is distributed to remove the deduction. Please follow the instructions in the email you receive at the time of submitting the waiver.

Can I cancel my reserved space for a regular parking space?

Due to the costs associated with the commitment to a reserved space you may not cancel your reservation until the next annual signup.

You may request to be moved to another reserved space in a different parking lot if the space is available. You may opt out in the annual renewal.

Where do part-time faculty members park who do not wish to purchase a permit?

These persons may use Daily Permit parking.

I have contractors or vendors scheduled to be on campus. Where do I direct them to park?

An email should be sent to notifying security when these vendors will be on campus All contractors and vendors are required to check in with Security (at Visitor check-in between the USC and the Bookstore) to obtain a one-day temporary parking pass. They will be directed to park in the parking lot or vendor space closest to where they will be working/delivering on campus.

What if I have purchased a permit and am on an unpaid leave of absence and do not receive a paycheck?

Payroll will only deduct parking fees during months in which you receive a paycheck. If you are on an unpaid leave of absence, we assume that you will not be traveling to the campus and parking. Your permit will not be valid during the duration of unpaid leave.

Payroll will notify both Facilities and Benefits when an employee reaches an out-of-pay status while on leave.

How is Temporary Employee parking handled?

Temporary workers that are hired directly by Western University of Health Sciences may opt to purchase a parking permit or use Daily Permit parking. If purchasing a WesternU parking permit the charge will be prorated and processed as a biweekly payroll deduction until the employment expires. This will apply to both full and part-time temporary employees.

Temporary workers that are hired through outside agencies may use Daily Permit parking.

Where does Adjunct Faculty park?

The eastern part of Lot 21 (formerly 2-6, behind HSC) has now been assigned to Adjunct Faculty. These spaces are outlined and/or marked in yellow. There is an Adjunct Faculty parking map located on the website.

These persons will be given special permits for their visits (provided by Facilities). No one else may park there. The spaces allotted to Adjunct Faculty are 13-18, 33-40, 54-60, 73-80, 81-83.

May vehicles park on the Esplanade?

No, they may not.

I am having mechanical problems with my vehicle, may I request assistance?

Our insurance and Risk Management does not allow us to assist you with any vehicle problems. You are encouraged to notify Security if your vehicle is out of service and you are waiting for a tow truck, etc.

What do I do if I have questions not covered yet by the these Q and A pages?

Contact Parking Services directly at

This parking information will be updated as new situations arise or new questions and answers are suggested.

If you encounter a problem finding a parking space, we would like to hear from you. In order for us to devise a strategy to alleviate the problem we request that you send an e-mail to Please indicate the date and time you encountered the problem.