City Public Metered Parking 

City of Pomona Public Metered Parking closest to our campus is in Lot 12. (See our Campus Parking Map)

Groups who should utilize Public Metered Parking

  • Students/Employees – without Western University parking permits
  • Remediation Students – returning to take exam 2nd time or to attend didactic programs of less than a semesters duration. Unless returning as a group for a minimum one week period, see Note below.
  • Research Lab Assistants – (if not a Western U employee, but may request reimbursement at the discretion of the lab director).
  • Residents/Postdoctoral Fellows – not employed by WesternU.
  • Students returning from Rotations – for a didactic program of a short duration (i.e., less than one week).*

*Note: Large groups of students returning for rotations may purchase Rotations Parking Permits. Colleges/Department schedulers must send an email to the “Bursars Office” address at least 3 weeks before the first week of rotations to facilitate printing of the permits. Costs are associated with the total days on campus.

Information for Public Metered Day and Evening Parking

For daytime use only Lot # 12 is available adjacent to campus. This lot is located behind the Subway on Gibbs, between 1st and 2nd Streets.

City spaces in this lot are “Public Metered” (pay) parking 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The first 3 hours of parking are free but you are Required to enter the parking space number in the permit machine no matter how long you are staying.

When you purchase this parking between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the fee for over 3 hours is $3.00 per day. When you purchase after 7:00 p.m. the fee is $1.00. The machine accepts coins, bills, Visa and MasterCard.

Public Metered Parking is also available in other lots surrounding campus in the evenings and weekends only.


1.  Note the number of the space that you have parked in.

2. The Meter box is stationed near the entrance to the lot.  Go to the box and enter your space number.

3.  Enter the number of hours you will be parking. The machine will give you the fee amount and ask you to pay if applicable.

4. You may request a receipt although the city does not require it to be displayed.

You may not park in any WesternU space with this permit.  Inappropriate parking is subject to city parking citations.