SHPEP at WesternU

A Summer Opportunity that Lasts a Lifetime

Western University of Health Sciences is one of 12 national SHPEP program sites. WesternU offers this summer enrichment program for college freshmen and sophomores who are interested in health professions such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and optometry. During the six week course, students participate in the following activities:

• Academic enrichment of basic sciences through case-based learning;

• Hands-on clinical skills development activities;

• Learning skills evaluation and workshops;

• Exposure to clinical settings and clinical skills training;

• Workshops on financial planning and health policy;

• Cost of the double occupancy dorm room and meals at host-housing college covered;

• Cost of living stipend and complete travel cost covered

Curriculum Schedule: 

The curriculum is an integrated case-based curriculum following an individual patient over six weeks. Multiple clinicians initiate weekly themes for the patient case progression — basic science and health disparities learning issues follow on from this. 

Be mindful that WesternU SHPEP is designed to reflect the intensity of any graduate health professions program; thus, it is STRONGLY advised students do not commit their time to other activities, including summer classes or other educational programs.

Please note that scheduling may be subject to minor changes due to faculty scheduling.

Program Weekly Structure: Morning Curriculum & Afternoon Curriculum

Attendance in person will be required Monday through Friday for both curricular sessions;

Students will be working with clinical faculty staff and students to explore clinical skills and issues specific to Medicine, Dental Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Optometry. Each track will be meeting in separate sessions in-person 3-5 times a week, based on clinical track faculty scheduling. More detailed curricular information will be provided to students upon admission.

Attendance in person will be required Monday through Friday, exact days depending on the track.

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WesternU SHPEP Program Dates: June 12, 2023 – July 21, 2023

Opening Ceremony: TBD

Curriculum: June 12, 2023 – July 21, 2023

Closing Ceremony: TBD

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 WesternU SHPEP Webinar: 

the WesternU SHPEP Team will be hosting two webinars to share about the program for summer 2023. Students will have an opportunity to learn about the WesternU tracks/professions, curriculum, faculty, and more. 

Thursday, January 12, 2023 from 5-6:30pm (Pacific Time).

For students that are interested in joining us, please register using the following link: WesternU SHPEP Webinar