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WesternU / Simulation


What if students could practice without risk to patients?

 At WesternU, they can and do—in labs equipped with real medical equipment (controlled from an adjacent booth) and mannequins that behave like real patients. Students and supervising faculty perform a true-to-life medical scenario, often with surprises that require quick thinking. Afterwards, everyone moves to another room to analyze a video of their performance.

This immersive experience has revolutionized clinical training. Students hone practical skills and skills in communication, decision making, and problem solving, all in a realistic setting where mistakes are okay.

WesternU currently has one muti-purpose simulation lab on each campus. To some extent these labs can be customized for specialty use, but time spent in transition is time lost to learning, and not all equipment can be swapped out.

The new campuses will each have multiple simulation labs, adaptable but also pre-customized for specialties such as advanced life support for trauma, cardiac, pediatric, neonatal, and veterinary patients, and for physical therapy, occupational therapy, dentistry, and podiatry.