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This is An opportunity for you to:

Apply your talent
Learn new skills
Work with new colleagues
Learn what other departments do
Help WesternU move forward

How it Works

  • Managers/Project Owners may submit projects to this Skill Share site on the Login to Skill Share tab.
  • Employees may look through the projects that are listed and discuss opportunities with Supervisor. Get started at the Login to Skill Share tab.
  • The employee’s Supervisor approves project participation.
  • If selected for a project, the employee must commit to up to 4 weeks of agreed-upon hours on the project.
  • During the duration of the project, employees request any time off from their supervisors.
  • If selected for a project, the employee must commit to the best of his/her ability to finish the project.
  • Supervisor will issue a notice of temporary assignment to the selected employee outlining the project, project details, and project manager.
  • The Supervisor will maintain primary supervisory responsibility over the employee. The Project Manager is empowered to provide directives/oversight with respect to the project.
  • Employees are to keep track of how much time is spent working on Skill Share projects. Hourly employees will follow normal workday schedules, taking work breaks and lunch as you normally do.
  • The Project Manager will let your Supervisor know what a great job you have done on the project.

Skill Share Training for Managers

SkillShare Overview

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