Our goal is to ensure that our University branding is properly maintained across all platforms on social media. In order to help achieve this goal, we recommend the following steps to be followed for University associated social media pages.


Step 1: Person assigned to manage the social media page(s) should open up a ticket with IT requesting a general email to be established for use of registering the social media pages. Once email is assigned, use this email address to register your Facebook page. An example would be: COMPSM@westernu.edu.

Step 2: It is recommended that you have a pool of content ready for posting before you register your page. This will ensure that your page does not become stagnant. Having these go-to posts will help alleviate any gaps between posts and help increase engagement and awareness.

Step 3: Be sure to register your page correctly. Many of the set up choices cannot be changed after the page is created.

  • Category: Choose “Companies & Organizations → Education”
  • Name: Your page name should include “Western University of Health Sciences” or “WesternU”. Pages are external-facing channels so you want the name to be something easy for search engines to find. Think of what people might search for to find information about your department or organization.
  • Username: The username you choose will become your page’s Facebook URL and it should uniquely describe your page. Remember, once you create your URL, it cannot be changed. You can set up your username at http://www.facebook.com/username/. Make sure you are setting your page username and not the username for your personal account.
  • About: Briefly describe your department or organization and how it is unique at WesternU.

Depending on what your page is for, select the right type of page and follow the prompts to continue.

Step 4: Profile photos, cover photos and about.

Profile photos should be the appropriate University logo. If this is a club or organization within WesternU with a University approved custom logo, you are welcomed to use that as your profile photo.

Cover photos are crucial and should be giving the viewer a sense of what your page is about. Please do not use logos if at all possible for the cover photo. Cover photos should be changed periodically.

If you have any questions or need help resizing any graphics to fit in the profile or cover photo sections, please contact Edith Jennison at ejennison@westernu.edu.

The about section should be filled with all the information anyone would need to contact your organization. Please be sure to add the corresponding website to the ‘About’ section as well as phone number and address.

Step 5: Now you’re ready to post. Be sure you have posts on your page before you begin inviting folks to ‘Like’ your page. We recommend having some type of multi-media component in your posts; whether it’s a photo, a video link to YouTube, a .gif, a link to an article, etc. (These posts often get more engagement than just posts with text.)

Step 6: Inviting people to like your page-now that you have a functional Facebook page, you can now begin inviting folks to ‘Like’ it by sharing the direct link (copy and paste from your browser).

It is recommended that you post at least once a day on Facebook. Be sure to tag the main University Facebook Page when appropriate so that we can repost, like and/or engage. This will help your page get more traffic than it normally would otherwise.


Step 1: Submit a request to IT for a general email to be used only for registering your University associated Twitter profile. Once you receive this email, you can register your Twitter account.

Step 2: Choosing a Twitter handle can be tricky on Twitter, as @WesternU primarily belongs to the Western University in Canada. If your Twitter profile is meant for a college or program on campus, it’s recommended you use @WesternU_(program or organization name). If you need help thinking of an appropriate Twitter handle, please contact Edith Jennison, ejennison@westernu.edu for recommendations.

Step 3: Choosing a profile photo and cover photo is crucial on Twitter. Be sure to choose a cover photo that helps represent your organization/program. The profile photo should be the appropriate WesternU approved logo.

Step 4: Begin following top influencers as well as other WesternU Twitter handles. For starters: @WesternUNews is our main University Twitter account, please be sure to follow so that we can in turn retweet or favorite your posts. Other Twitter accounts on campus include: @WesternUVetMed, @WesternuPharm, @WesternUCPM, and @WesternUPCC.

Step 5: Begin posting. Twitter allows you 140 characters to say your piece. Be sure you know how to properly use hashtags, if you have questions on how to use them, please contact Edith Jennison at ejennison@westernu.edu. Hashtags are crucial on Twitter and 1-2 hashtags are recommended for each post. It is recommended that you post multiple times a day, yet if possible at least once.

Step 6: Engaging in conversations on Twitter to attract new followers. When you log in to your account, you will notice ‘Trends’ on the left hand side. The default is set where Twitter tailors trends specifically for you depending on who you follow and what your hashtags are in your posts. If you rather just have recommended topics that are in Pomona, then go to Trends > Change> and enter your zip code. Use these trends to engage in existing conversations and be sure to use the appropriate hashtag with your post.

Twitter also has ‘Who To Follow’ recommendations that you can choose to follow based on who you already follow and the hashtags you utilize.