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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the purpose of Skill Share?

A: Skill Share connects WesternU staff with mission-critical projects. Project managers receive help from outside their department, and staff get an opportunity to do something different, make connections across WesternU and learn new skills.

In addition, during this remote work arrangement due to the pandemic, we want to make sure we are fully engaging our staff. As Skill Share has grown, we have begun to provide ways for staff to acquire new on-the-job skills during their projects.

Q: If I accept one of the work assignments, who will I report to?

A: You will continue to report to your Supervisor. The Manager/Project Owner might also provide feedback regarding your performance.

Q: Do I have to have experience in doing the new task?

A: Some projects will require experience while others do not. This is also an opportunity to learn new skills and grow professionally.

Q: How many hours per week will the projects take?

A: That will be determined by your Supervisor and the Manager/Project Owner.

Q: Can I still participate, I only have a limited number of hours available for Skill Share?

A: Yes, as long as it is approved by your Supervisor.

Q: Will I get paid more to do certain projects?

A: No. If selected for a project, it is a reallocation of your underutilized talent due to the remote work arrangement. Accordingly, it is considered a temporary work assignment and not additional duties above and beyond your current job description.

Q: Is this something that I am required to do?

A: We encourage participation from everyone who is available to help out on a project. Your supervisor also has it within their discretion to assign employees to participate. Skill Share is designed to give you other opportunities to contribute and to acquire new skills.

Q: How will you measure competency for selection to a project?

A: You might be interviewed by the Manager/Project Owner posting the project.

Q. Will WesternU provide guidance on how to use the Skill Share system?

A. Yes. If guidance is needed.

Q: Do I need to complete the projects on the internet? My service is spotty where I live.

A: Not all projects will require you to be online at all times. You may download work where permitted.

Still have questions?

Still have questions? This is a new initiative and will be improved with time. Please share your feedback! We are working to continually improve your Skill Share experience. Submit any questions/comments to