University Student Affairs - Oregon

Notary Services – Oregon

Notary services are available on the COMP-Northwest campus for WesternU students, faculty and staff. Notarial services will be provided at no charge. Please note the following guidelines when using these services: 

  1. Appointments are now required for all notarizations for administration, faculty and staff. Appointments can be made for minimum of 1 hour from the time the call is made.
  2. Students are not required to make an appointment for notary services. Because students’ schedules sometimes make it difficult for them to come to campus for notary services, they are exempt from having to make an appointment.
  3. Executive Offices (President, Academic Affairs and Human Resources) are also exempt from having to make an appointment to have a notarization done.
  4. The following documents will not be notarized by WesternU Notaries Public:
    • Loan/escrow documents – should be done by the escrow company
    • Last Wills and Testaments – should be done by an attorney
    • Certifications of birth, death and marriage certificates – should be done by the agency issuing the certificate
  5. Hours for all notary services will be from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The following is the notary public on campus who provide this service. If you have questions regarding notarizations, please contact one of these individuals:

Jeannie Davis, MPA Admissions Office (541) 259-0214
Jessica Reynolds  Career Development Specialist (541) 259-0203