University Branding – Guidelines & Tips

WesternU is proud to host 130+ student-led clubs in both Pomona, CA and Lebanon, OR. Clubs may design a logo to be used on projects such as flyers or apparel designs that accurately represents the club. Anytime the University name/logo is used consideration must be given to the correct font, color-scheme, and sizing requirements. All logos below are approved and available for download. Any and all designs must be submitted to University Student Affairs for approval; not just those containing the University’s name.

E-mail your design to University Student Affairs

To make developing a logo easier, we have provided some necessary guidelines that must be followed in order for a design to be approved.

University Name, Font & Color Usage


“WesternU” and “Western University of Health Sciences” are the ONLY acceptable usages of the University’s name.

Approved Fonts

The University name must be written in Baskerville ITC, offset by Stone Sans Bold. If unavailable, Baskerville Old Face and Times New Roman are acceptable. 


The University colors are burgundy (PMS 202) and white (NO PMS). The CMYK mix is 9/100/64/48, the RGB mix is 134/38/51. HTML applications use the Pantone guide recommendation of #862633. Please note that anytime the University name/logo appears in a design, the merchandise (i.e., shirt) is required to be in one of the approved colors: burgundy, white, gold, black or gray.

Accent colors

The University accent colors are black, gold (PMS 128; RGB 243/213/78), and grey (PMS 430; RGB 124,135,142).

University Style Guide

Please review the University Style Guide prior to designing a club logo, which includes graphics standards for all print and electronic representations of the University logo and information on branding.

University Powerpoint template

Please download this WesternU PowerPoint template in Standard (4:3) or Widescreen (16:9) dimensions which reflects the current University colors and graphics standards, for use in any club or class presentations.

University Logos

Click the link to access the University Logos.