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Curriculum Calendars

A number of WesternU programs utilize Google Calendars and SharePoint for their curriculum calendars. You can view or subscribe to your program’s curriculum calendar using the links shown here.

College of Dental Medicine

DMD 2019: iCalendar | Google Calendar   

DMD 2020: iCalendar | Google Calendar 

DMD 2021: iCalendar | Google Calendar 

DMD 2022: iCalendar | Google Calendar

Questions: CDMOAA@westernu.edu

College of Optometry

OD 2019: iCalendar | Google Calendar

OD 2020: iCalendar | Google Calendar

OD 2021: iCalendar | Google Calendar

OD 2022: iCalendar

Questions: aellis@westernu.edu   

Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

MSMS: SharePoint Calendar

MSBS: SharePoint Calendar

Questions: hayesl@westernu.edu 









College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

DO 2020: SharePoint Calendar

DO 2021: SharePoint Calendar

DO 2022: SharePoint Calendar

Questions: comppreclinical@westernu.edu

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest

DO 2020: SharePoint Calendar

DO 2021: SharePoint Calendar

DO 2022: SharePoint Calendar

Questions: comppreclinical@westernu.edu

College of Podiatric Medicine

DPM 2020: SharePoint Calendar

DPM 2021: SharePoint Calendar

DPM 2022: SharePoint Calendar

Questions: cpmpreclinical@westernu.edu








College of Graduate Nursing

CGN: CGN Academic Calendar


College of Pharmacy

PharmD: iCalendar | Google Calendar

Questions: miannuzzo@westernu.edu

College of Veterinary Medicine

DVM: 2018-2019 School Calendar

Questions: jonesk@westernu.edu






Additional Calendars

Google Calendar is the direct link to calendar

 is used for subscribing by Outlook, Google and other calendar Clients

is permission based and if you think you should have access please contact the appropriate office listed below. 

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