Student Affairs Tenets and Mission Statement



University Student Affairs is an integral part of the support, education and advancement of applicants, students and alumni as they pursue their professional goals. We strive to model humanism to these individuals by treating them with respect, compassion, patience and honesty. We are committed to fostering the growth of diversity and unity within the campus community. We continuously collaborate with all University departments to provide timely and accurate information to enhance our services. As dedicated, courteous and professional staff, we encourage creativity and embrace change that will benefit the University.


WE BELIEVE that students are the lifeblood of our university, and providing support for students’ academic and non-academic needs are the reasons for the existence of University Student Affairs.

WE BELIEVE that we should create a “student-centered” institutional culture that effectively supports the professional and personal growth of students.

WE BELIEVE that our division should strive to provide a “seamless service” to our students by providing accurate and timely information, communication, referral and follow-through for the services we offer.

WE BELIEVE that our success is achieved by each employee in the division being committed to serving student needs.

WE BELIEVE that we provide the most effective and efficient service to students when we coordinate our efforts and work as a team.

WE BELIEVE that students have a shared responsibility to help us, help them by providing timely and accurate information.

WE BELIEVE that creativity and change is important to the survival and success of our division.