Club Learning Outcomes


Students from ALL WesternU programs are involved in the wide variety of clubs available on campus. Clubs with similar missions and purpose are grouped to form a particular council.  Use the following links to learn about some of the clubs that you can join!


WesternU’s student club and organization learning outcomes:

1) Communicate clearly and effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds

2) Demonstrate compassion, respect and value of diversity while serving patients, clients and their families.

3) Collaborate effectively with peer and interdisciplinary teams to provide service to the community

4) Develop leadership skills through collaborative goal setting and project management 

Head shot of 2018-2019 SGA Executive Club Coordinator Keana Mendoza

 2018-2019 | SGA Executive Club Coordinator 
Keana Mendoza, PharmD 2021

Diagram showing relationships between office of university student affairs, student government association, club advisors, club council chairs, and club members