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You may be eligible for FREE flea treatment for your pets. Dr. Pedro Diniz, Associate Professor from WesternU College of Veterinary Medicine is conducting a research study to determine the prevalence of Typhus-infected fleas in pets.

If you are selected, your pet may receive:

For eligibility and appointments contact Dr. Pedro Diniz,
(909) 706-3840 or
611 E. 2nd Street, Pomona CA, 91766

What is the purpose of this study?

Between 2009 and 2013, the number of human cases of murine typhus in the state of California increased seven fold, and the highest number of cases were detected in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Murine typhus is a disease transmitted by fleas from rats, opossums and cats. Our goal is to better define if fleas from domestic animals participate in the transmission of the disease to humans.

Are my pets eligible to participate in this study?

Only dogs and cats that live in homes where human cases were confirmed in the last two months can be enrolled. Dogs and cats that spend time outdoors but come back inside can also participate.

What are the benefits to my pet for participating in this study?

Your pet will receive, free of charge, a flea treatment during the initial consultation, and also free anti-flea products to take home. The amount and brands of antiflea products to be provided will be based on availability and study sponsors. Your pet will also be examined by a veterinarian to check for any disease signs.

Will you do research on my pet? Will you cause any harm to my pet?

NO! Our goal is to get your pets free of fleas to help reduce the risk of transmission of Murine Typhus in your household. This study will not intentionally infect pets with any disease.



What procedures will be done in my pet?

The following procedures will be done once: collection of fleas using anti-flea medication and combs, and a blood sample (which may cause minimal and temporary discomfort).

What information about me and my pets will be collected? How will this be used?

Your personal information (name, address, phone, email) will be kept confidential and it will not be included in publications from this study. Pet information such species, age, gender, breed, weight and other signalment data will be included in the publication, but identifiers such name or addresses will be kept confidential. The information collected will not be sold or given to any company.

What are my responsibilities as an owner?

You will need to bring your pets one time at the requested appointment to the Pet Health Center (611 E. Second Street, Pomona, California, 91766), and this study will not reimburse travel expenses. If after the physical exam, the attending veterinarian recommends other laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, or treatment, this study will not pay for those medical costs. You are also responsible for maintaining your pets up-to-date on vaccines. This study is not liable for diseases that your pet may get that could be prevented by vaccination.

My pet is aggressive. Can it participate in this study?

If your pet is aggressive towards other people, it will not be eligible to participate.