About WesternU

Hello everybody:

On this past Thursday, I received the formal Commission Action Letter from WSCUC (WASC) following our last site visit. The Commission affirmed the site visit teams conclusion that “WesternU has been responsive to post Commission expectations and has made commendable progress in systematic quality improvement and establishment of a culture of collaboration, communication, and participation between the faculty and the administration. A copy of the Commission’s Action Letter may be found at https://www.westernu.edu/bin/oir/accreditation/wscuc_action_letter_march_2015.pdf

This external confirmation of the ongoing work of the entire WesternU community once again confirms my abiding belief in what an amazing institution WesternU has become. And it is you – the faculty, staff and students – who are the true source of my amazement. I thank you on this – your accomplishment!