Vision and Mission

Western University of Health Sciences is Transforming the Face of Health. We envision healthy people and a healthy society.

Our mission is to produce, in a humanistic tradition, health care professionals and biomedical knowledge that will enhance and extend the quality of life in our communities.

University mosaic seal and Esplanade fountainGuiding Values

Our guiding values include:

  • Embodying humanism through caring, respect, empathy and trust.
  • Creating a pioneering culture of bold innovation, courage and passion.
  • Displaying a collaborative mindset in how we operate, how we educate, and how we deliver health care.
  • Achieving excellence in all that we do.

Strategic Pillars

The five strategic pillars that guided our goals development process are:

Interprofessionalism. Becoming interprofessional and collaborative in all missions and at all levels of the University.

80/20 revenue goals. Grow new and existing sources of revenue so that at least 20% of WesternU revenue comes from non-tuition sources.

The “WesternU Way”. Build on what has already been accomplished and further the “WesternU Way” by internalizing the “WesternU Gene” in all missions, at all levels, and in all members of the University community.

Partnerships. Establish creative partnerships in education, health care, research, and community missions.

Science, Caring, Humanism. Embody the WesternU values of Science, Caring, and Humanism in innovative and distinctive ways.