The application for admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine consists of two parts, the primary application through the VMCAS system and the supplemental application sent directly to the Admissions Office of Western University of Health Sciences. The application deadline for both applications is September 15th, with all materials to be received on/or before the deadline date (not postmarked).
After verification that all admissions and application requirements have been met, each application is forwarded for review. Reviewers consist of college faculty. Applicants deemed acceptable are then invited for an interview on campus. Interview days generally take place in late October and early November each year. Candidate interviews are conducted by a college faculty member paired with another member of the veterinary profession (this may include another college faculty; alumni; or other veterinarians in public or private practice).
Candidates whose application files pass the file review and interview processes are placed in the acceptable pool from which the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and the Chair of the Admissions Committee selects the class. The college attempts to select a class that reflects broadly diverse characteristics considering: gender, ethnicity, areas of critical need in veterinary medicine, economic and educational backgrounds, and species interest of the applicant. Specific details and additional information on how to apply may be found on the prospective student website: