College of Veterinary Medicine

CVM Research Facilities

Description of Research Facilities

The laboratory spaces allocated to the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) are located in three different buildings, all within walking distance of each other, on the campus of Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California: the Health Education Center (HEC) on the east side of campus, the Veterinary Clinic Center (VCC) mid-campus, and the Rodney P. Wineberg Center (formerly the University Research Center, [RWC/URC]) on the west side of the campus.


Research spaces in the Health Education Center (HEC): 

The Health Education Center (HEC) on the east side of campus encompasses the HEC WesternU Main Lab, a 12,640 ft2 laboratory with shared equipment for all Colleges. Of this space, 1,540 ft2 is dedicated to CVM research. CVM researchers are also provided access to two cell culture rooms (132 ft2 and 226 ft2) dedicated to the isolation and culture of stem cells / cancer cell research, and a Bioinformatics Core Center (100 ft2) that provides access to research software and hardware at dedicated workstations. (Updated: Sept. 2020)

HEC Students in Labs
HEC CVM Main Lab Equipment:
  • Three (3) -20ºC Freezers (Fisher Scientific)
  • 5L Analog Water Bath (Fisher Scientific, IsoTemp 205)
  • Two (2) -80ºC Freezer (Fisher Scientific, Panasonic)
  • Two (2) Analytical Balances (Mettler Toledo, DENVER)
  • Beads Bath (Fisher Scientific)
  • Three (3) BioSafety Cabinets (Logica, LabConco)
  • Four (4) CO2 Humidified Incubators (New Brunswick, Galaxy 170R)
  • Automated Cell Counter (Bio-Rad)
  • Three (3) Combo Fridge-Freezer (Kenmore, Thermo Scientific)
  • Two (2) Dry Block Heaters (Major Scientific, Fisher Scientific)
  • Two (2) Electrophoresis Chambers (Bio-Rad)
  • Fluorescent and Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope (EVOS, AMG)
  • Freeze-Dry Vacuum and Pump (FreeZoon 2.5, LabConco)
  • Three (3) Hot-plate Stirrers (Fisher Scientific)
  • Hybridization Chamber (IsoTemp, Fisher Scientific)
  • Light Microscope (Olympus)
  • Three (3) Liquid Nitrogen Tanks [dedicated to stem cell banking] (Thermo Scientific)
  • NanoDrop Lite (Thermo Fisher)
  • Three (3) Mini Centrifuges (Life Technology)
  • Neon Transfection System (Life Technology)
  • Oven (Thermo Scientific)
  • pH Meter (Fisher Scientific)
  • Plateshaker (Benchmark)
  • Two (2) Thermal Cycler PCR (Eppendorf; AB Applied Biosystems)
  • RealTime PCR (CFX, Bio-Rad)
  • Refrigerated Microcentrifuge (Labnet)
  • Refrigerator (VWR)
  • RT Basic Magnetic Stirrer (Thermo Fisher)
  • Two (2) Digital Blocker Heater (Elite)
  • Shaking Incubator (New Brunswick Scientific)
  • Sonicator (VWR model 50T)
  • Sliding Door Fridge (Fisher Scientific)
  • Tabletop Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge (Eppendorf Model 5810R)
  • High Speed Centrifuge (Eppendorf Model 5702)
  • Transblot SD Semi Dry Transfer (Bio-Rad)
  • Three (3) Vacuum Aspirator Collection Systems (Thermo Fisher)
  • Four (4) Vortex Mixers (Scientific Industrial, Fisher Scientific, Benchmark)

HEC WesternU Shared Equipment:

  • -80ºC Freezer (Thermo Scientific)
  • Acid and Corrosive Storage Cabinet (Justrite)
  • Autoclave (Steris, AMSCO Lab250)
  • Two (2) Balances (Mettler Toledo AB104, Madell Electronic)
  • Biosafety Cabinet (Forma Scientific)
  • Capillary Western Blot Instrument (ProteinSimple)
  • Cell Culture Inverted Microscope (Nikon, TMS)
  • Four (4) Chemical Storage Cabinets (Justrite)
  • ColdRoom (ColPak, Lab Hallway)
  • Two (2) Confocal Microscopes (ZEISS, LSM 880, LSM T-PMT, Nikon TE2000U)
  • DM6 Fluorscence Microscope (Leica)
  • Two (2) Humidified CO2 Incubators (Forma Series II, Thermo Electron Corp)
  • Seven (7) Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets (Justrite)
  • Three (3) Fume Hoods (Forma Scientific, Thermo Fisher, Hamilton Scientific)
  • Ice Machine (Hoshizaki American Inc.)
  • Two (2) Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks (Taylor-Wharton)
  • Odyssey Infrared Imaging System (Li-COR Bioscience)
  • POLAstar Omega Microplate Reader (BMG LABTECH)
  • Shaking Incubator (New Brunswick, Max Q)
  • Two (2) Tabletop Refrigerated Centrifuges (Eppendorf 5810R)
  • Ultra-pure Water System (Milli-Q Direct)

HEC Bioinformatic Core Equipment (HEC 4102):

  • Lenovo Workstation TS P520c (32GB DDR4, 4x2TB Hard Drive, Intel Xeon W-2133 Processor)
  • 25” IPS Monitor (BenQ PD2500Q)
  • 28” 4K LED Monitor (Samsung)
  • High performance custom PC computing station
  • Blu-ray Drive w/ 16x Writing Speed for Mac/PC Optical Drive (Asus)
  • 12TB Desktop External Hard Drive (WD)
CVM Cell Culture Room, HEC 4305 (132 ft2):
  • Two (2) BioSafety Cabinets (Logica, LabConco)
  • Two (2) Vacuum Aspirator Collection System (Thermo Fisher)
  • Three (3) CO2 Humidified Incubators (New Brunswick, Galaxy 170R)
  • Automated Cell Counter (Bio-Rad)
  • Vortex Mixer (Fisher Scientific)
  • Two (2) Combo Fridge-Freezer (Kenmore, Thermo Scientific)
  • Fluorescent and Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope (AMG)
  • Light Microscope (Olympus)
  • High Speed Centrifuge (Eppendorf Model 5702)
  • Sonicator (VWR Model 50T)
  • 5L Analog Water Bath (Fisher Scientific, IsoTemp 205)
CVM Cell Culture Room, HEC 4203 (226 ft2):
  • Two (2) BioSafety Cabinets (Logica, LabConco)
  • Vacuum Aspirator System (Thermo Fisher)
  • CO2 Humidified Incubator (New Brunswick, Galaxy 170R)
  • Mini Centrifuge (Life Technology)
  • Combo Fridge-Freezer (Thermo Fisher)
  • Phase Contrast Inverted Microscope (EVOS)
  • Neon Transfection System (Life Technology)
  • Beads Bath (Fisher Scientific)



Research spaces in Rodney P. Wineberg Center (RWC/URC):

The Rodney Wineberg Center for Research (RWC) located on the west side of the campus comprises an 8,550 ft2 shared research area that is subdivided into different departmental laboratories. Within this area lies the WesternU Shared laboratory space (3,000 ft2) with shared equipment throughout, and the CVM dedicated laboratory space (1,540 ft2 ) designed to allow for standard molecular assays related to molecular biology, immunology and gene expression. CVM researchers have access to a cell culture room (95ft2) connected to the CVM laboratory space, and an additional three CVM research cell culture rooms (120ft2-130ft2) connected to the WesternU shared lab space. (Updated: Sept. 2020)

RWC Students in Labs

CVM RWC Main Lab Equipment:

  • Agilent Bioanalyzer (Agilent)
  • AKTA Pure L25 [Protein Purification] (GE Healthcare BioSciences Corp)
  • Anaerobic Incubator/Workstation (Whitley DG250, Microbiology International)
  • Four (4) Balances (Ohaus, Mettler Toledo)
  • 5L Bead Bath (Fisher Scientific)
  • Chemical Hood (Hanson)
  • CO2 Incubator w/ Shaker (New Brunswick)
  • Eight (8) -20Cº Freezers (Kenmore, Sci-Cool, Fisher Scientific)
  • Seven (7) Gel Electrophoresis (Fisher Scientific)
  • Hemogenizing Kit (Omni TIP)
  • Six (6) Hot Plates (3 Fisher Scientific, 3 Benchmarck)
  • Two (2) Incubators (SHEL Lab, Memmert)
  • Inverted Light Microscope (Nikon)
  • Li-Cor c-DiGit Blot Scanner (Li-Cor)
  • Two (2) Microscope Light w/ Camera Attachments (Nikon Eclipse Ni)
  • Two (2) Liquid Nitrogen Tanks (Fisher Scientific, Thermoline)
  • Microplate Reader (Cambrex)
  • Multi-Pulse Vortexer (Glas-Col)
  • Nanodrop (ThermoSci)
  • Six (6) Refrigerators (Fisher Scientific, Kenmore, Traulsen)
  • Two (2) Speed Vac (Thermo Scientific, Savant)
  • Spectrophotometer (Jenway)
  • Six (6) Thermocyclers (2 Eppendorf; 2 Bio-Rad, 2 Multiterm)
  • Centrifuge (Beckman)
  • Ultrasonic Bath (VWR)
  • 20L Water Bath (Fisher Scientific)
  • Sequencer iSeq (Illumina)
  • Multiplex (Applied Biocode)
  • Eight (8) Microfuges (3 Eppendorf 5417C, Labnet, 2 Denville, 2 Thermofisher)
  • Three (3) Heat Blocks (2 ThermoFisher, Phoenix)
  • Six (6) Spinners (3 Labnet, Fuge, BioExpress, Genesee)
  • Microscope (AmScope)
  • Nine (9) Vortexers (4 VortexGenie, 3 Benchmark, 2 Fisher)
  • Oven (FisherSci)
  • UV Transilutminator
  • Focus Ultrasonicator (Corvaris)
  • Qbit fluorometer (Invitrogen)
  • Three (3) Flammable Cabinets
  • Three (3) Acid Cabinets
  • Two (2) pH Meters (Fisher Scientific)

WesternU RWC Shared Equipment:

  • Five (5) -80ºC Freezers (Revco, 3 Thermo Scientific, Fisher)
  • Adjacent Coldroom (4ºC)
  • Two (2) Autoclaves (Sterilmatic, Amsco)
  • Ice Machine (Manitowoc)
  • Bench Centrifuge (IEC)
  • Rt-PCR (Applied Biosystems)
  • Dishwasher (Labcono)
  • Distilled and Ultra Water Purifying Systems (Barnstead)
  • Gel Documentation Digital Imaging Station (BioRad)
  • Spectrophotometer (Pharmacia)
  • Plate Washer (Biotrack II)
  • Three (3) Biosafety Hoods (2 Nuaire, Labcono)

CVM Cell Culture Room, B104A (95ft2):

  • Three (3) 10L Water Bath (Fisher Scientific)
  • -20ºC Freezer (Sanyo)
  • Biosafety Cabinet (Form Scientific Class II A/B3)
  • Cell Culture Microscope (Nikon TMS)
  • CO2 Humidified Incubator (VWR)
  • Refrigerator (Kenmore)
  • Inverted Microscope (Fisher Scientific)
  • Vortexer (Labnet)
  • Vacuum SuperStation (Barnany)

CVM Cell Culture Room, B103C.1 (120ft2):

  • 10L Bead Bath (VWR)
  • Biosafety Cabinet (Nuaire Class II Type A1B3)
  • CO2 Incubator (Fisher Scientific)
  • Light Inverted Microscope (Motic)
  • Tabletop Refrigerated Centrifuge (Eppendorf Model 5810R)
  • Vortex (Fisher Scientific)
  • Platform Shaker (New Brunswick)
  • Balance (Ohaus)
  • Spinner (Fisher Scientific)
  • Egg Incubator (GOF)

CVM Cell Culture Room, B103C (120ft2):

  • 10L Bead Bath (Isotemp)
  • Biosafety Cabinet (Thermo Forma Class II A2)
  • Two (2) CO2 Incubators (Panasonic)
  • Light Inverted Microscope (Nikon)
  • Tabletop Refrigerated Centrifuge (Eppendorf Model 5810R)
  • Two (2) Refrigerators (Kenmore, GE)
  • Vacuum Pump (GAST)
  • Balance (Ohaus)

CVM Cell Culture Room, B103A (130ft2):

  • 10L Bead Bath (Fisher Scientific)
  • Biosafety Cabinet (Nuaire)
  • CO2 Incubator (Fisher Scientific)
  • Light Microscope (Fisher Scientific)
  • Refrigerator (GE)
  • Tabletop Refrigerated Centrifuge (Eppendorf Model 5810R)

Other space relevant to CVM research at Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona:

Research space in the Veterinary Pathology Center (VPC)

Histology sections can be processed and stained in the pathology laboratory in Veterinary Pathology Center (VPC) located in a building adjacent to Veterinary Clinical Center (VCC), on the same campus.

Research space in the WesternU Pet Health Center (PHC):

The WesternU Pet Health Center (PHC) is located mid-campus and is connected to the VCC. The PHC currently houses a 300 ft2 non-invasive clinical animal research lab. This space holds a GAIT4Dog Instrumented Treadmill and is equipped with a computer dedicated to this machine, along with several desks.