J and K Virtual Reality Learning Center


Another major high-tech tool within the VRLC is a quartet of zSpace 3D projection monitors, which use manipulative technology to allow the visualization of data in three dimensions. Using medical education software from Cyber Anatomy Inc., the monitors’ stereoscopic displays, 3D glasses and electronic styluses, the zSpace stations in the VRLC will be used by students to examine, “dissect,” and manipulate virtual anatomy as if using real body parts, creating a lifelike interaction.

Cyber-Anatomy Med VR is one of the world’s most advanced pieces of medical-level anatomy software. Built on advanced engineering and gaming technologies, every structure in the human body was developed from the ground up in 3D, resulting in over 4,300 structures and over 13,000 identifiable anatomy landmarks.

In the VRLC, the hardware/software combination means students can “pull out” holographic organs from the zSpace monitors to make them bigger, walk around them to get a better look, or even take them apart using the stylus.