We are surrounded by all kinds of heroes like our students starting their origin story and those that help to shape that story.

Our students, our future health care professionals, are not the only heroes in this story. We need the heroes with big enough hearts to fight for the needs of our students and the needs for the future of health care. How do we spot these heroes? Do we know one when we see one? We do. They look like you. Be a hero for WesternU.

A heroic future Images

A historic mission. A heroic future.

More than four decades ago, we promised to enhance and extend the quality of life in our communities. While our graduates have enjoyed great success over the years, there are still major hurdles we must overcome to fulfill our mission of "One Health" for our current and future students.

With your support, WesternU will ensure that every student with dreams of becoming a health care professional has the ability to do so. Heroes like you can help heroes like them To Teach, To Heal, Together.


HEROES Stand for the

Together, by offering students pathways to success, we can heal communities and change the face of health care. The biggest barrier our Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) students face is cost. Choosing to stand for equity means that you will support students underrepresented in health care, helping to broaden the field, directly uplift students, and heal the wounds in our healthcare system and the communities it serves. Your gifts of support help underrepresented students to become heroes for their communities.


HEROES Secure Emergency
Support Funds

In the face of adversity and tumultuous times, we look after our own. Our students are members of our community and of our family at WesternU. We prepare them to be heroes of tomorrow, but some need heroes today to help them secure funds for housing, food, and transportation so that they may fight tomorrow. Heroes like you can stand and support tomorrow's health care workers today by securing emergency support funding—the financial assistance and resources—that our students need.


HEROES Sponsor Named

Our students will do the most important thing any of us can do in life—make an impactful and lasting difference in someone else's life. When you endow a named scholarship, you do just that for generations of students. One endowment will support and uplift students across years of study and in turn, will affect countless lives through their service in health care. Make the difference and establish a heroic legacy for healing or honor a loved one by creating a named scholarship. Help create a change, today.


HEROES Strengthen College

Now more than ever, we need medical and health care professionals. Our college deans have studied and researched the needs of their students. Each dean, and each college, seeks support on unique scholarships and programs to address college-specific challenges. When you support these scholarships and programs, you make it easier for talented and driven students to become heroes for tomorrow, and your generous gift will have made it possible.