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Doreen Pon, PharmD, BCOP, BCPS

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration

College of Pharmacy

E-Mail: dpon@westernu.edu

Phone: 909-469-5457


BA Biochemistry 1986
University of California, Berkeley

PharmD 1990
University of California, San Francisco


Oncology Pharmacy Residency
National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, Bethesda, Maryland

Education Experience


1992 National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, Bethesda, Maryland


Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist (BCOP), Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties

Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS), Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties

Work Site

City of Hope National Medical Center
1500 East Duarte Road
Duarte, California 91010

During this challenging rotation, students will practice critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills on the adult hematology and hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) units, which provide a wide range of acute care services to medically complex patients with blood disorders, such as lymphoma and acute leukemia, or who are undergoing HCT. Students will be exposed to the medical treatment of cancer and the common complications of cancer, cancer chemotherapy and HCT. A multidisciplinary approach towards patient care will provide the student with the opportunity to interact with patients, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care personnel.

Research Grant

Principal Investigator, “Making Rx Drug Abuse Extinct”, American Medical Association Foundation Healthy Living Grant, 2015

Prinicipal Investigator, “Be Smart – Be Safe in the Sun”, California Dialogue on Cancer/Public Health Initiative, 2012


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