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Moses S.S. Chow, PharmD


College of Pharmacy

E-Mail: mchow@westernu.edu

Phone: 909-469-5301


AA 1968
City College of San Francisco

PharmD 1972
University of California, San Francisco

FCCP 1985 American College of Clinical Pharmacy

FCP 1988 American College of Clinical Pharmacology


Education Experience


Clinical Pharmacy 1973 VA Hospital, Palo Alto, CA

Research Interest

Dr. Chow has over 40 years of experience in transitional research and clinical studies in the areas of cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and application of pharmacokinetics. His current research is devoted to the development of herbal medicines (Chinese medicine for the treatment of resistant cancer) as well as sublingual formulation. He has also established a strong network with Asian countries, especially China, where he served as Director of the Pharmacy School at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for 8 years and also as the Founding President of the Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy.


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