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Wael Khamas, BVM&S, MS, PhD

Professor of Anatomy & Histology

College of Veterinary Medicine

E-Mail: wkhamas@westernu.edu

Phone: 469-5526

Join year: 2005


PhD, Veterinary Anatomy, Iowa State University 1983
MS Veterinary Anatomy, Iowa State University 1980
BVM&S, University of Baghdad 1973

Teaching Experience

•Teaching Assistant, University of Baghdad 1974-1977
•Teaching Assistant, Iowa State University 1978-1983
•Faculty, University of Baghdad 1984-1993
•Faculty, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 1994-2003
•Fulbright Scholar, Purdue University 2004-2005
•Faculty, Western University of Health Sciences, 2005-present


I enjoy working with students in the labs to learn all possible aspects of anatomy, histology, embryology and neuroanatomy. I believe that our students are better prepared in PBL curriculum.

My enthusiasm for continuous learning and researching in anatomy/histology will be reflected on the stimulation of my students' ability to learn anatomy/histology and begin to integrate their knowledge to other disciplines as well as to clinical cases presented to them.

I have developed appreciation and understanding of species diversity including camels, Llama, avian and laboratory animals and tailored my knowledge to different needs of DVM students and students in other disciplines.

Research Interest

I am interested to study thermoregulatory mechanism in different animal species through understanding of their blood vessels histoarchitecture.

I also study the effect of certain pollutants on male and female genital systems.  


•Phi Zeta 1982

•World Association of Veterinary Anatomist 1984

•American Association of Anatomists 2004

•California veterinary Medical Association. 2005

• American Association of Veterinary Anatomists. 2008.