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William Merbs, MSc, St. George's University, 2008

Vice Chair & Instructor of Anatomy

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific - Northwest

E-Mail: wmerbs@westernu.edu

Phone: 0232

Join year: 2011


B.S. in Health Sciences. Grand Valley State University. May 2001

MSc in Clinical Anatomy. St. George's University, 2008

PhD in Anatomical Sciences.  St. George's University.  (A.B.D.)

Academic Interests

Surgical Anatomy
Anatomical Anomalies, Aberrations, Variations
Medical Illustration
Biomechanics and Kinesiology
Comparative Vertebrate & Plant Anatomy

Teaching Experience

Positions Held:   

1) Adjunct Professor for the following courses at Grand Valley State University (Summer 2001-Spring 2005):

HS 208 Human Anatomy (lecture)

HS 309 Human Anatomy Lab (human cadaver-based prosection course)

HS 355 Anatomy of Joints (human cadaver-based prosection lab)

HS 380 Special Dissections for the Physical Therapist (human cadaver-based)

HS 399 Independent Study (teaching assistant for HS 309)

HS 460/560 Regional Human Anatomy (human cadaver-based dissection course)

HS 461 Clinical Regional Anatomy (human cadaver-based prosection course)

HS 499 Surgical Anatomy for the Physician Assistants' Residency (independent study where one student participates in the surgical anatomy residency didactic for PA
                    residents at a local hospital)

HS 680 Directed Dissection (human cadaver-based dissection projects done by students successful in HS 460/560)


2)  Instructor of Surgical Anatomy for Surgical Residency Programs for the Grand Rapids, Michigan area hospitals (Winter 2002 – 2008):

Metropolitan Hospital First/Second Year Surgical Residency Program(Winter 2002) five week dissection exercise and anatomy review

Surgical Anatomy for MERC (Medical Education and Research Center for Health  Professionals)(Spring 2002-2008) Physician Assistants Surgical Residents-Spectrum Hospital (50 hours of surgical anatomy lecture and human cadaver-based lab in July)


3a) Instructor of Gross Anatomyfor St. George’s University, School of Medicine (Winter 2005-2011):

ANAT 520  Gross Anatomy (lecture and human cadaver-based dissection/prosection)

ANAT 550  Human Gross and Developmental Anatomy (lecture and human cadaver-based dissection/prosection lab)

BIOL 460 Anatomy for Undergraduates (comparative and human anatomy for preparation in entering human or veterinary medicine

BIOL 101 Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses Part I (lecture including human cadaver prosected lab)

BIOL 202 Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses Part 2 (lecture including human cadaver prosected lab)


3b) Lab Director for Cadaver Lab in the Department of Anatomical Sciences, St. George’s University, School of Medicine (Fall 2007-Fall 2010):

Coordinated and setup all labs for all human anatomy courses at St. George's University for a combined total of approximately 650 students per term including all courses: dissecting electives, medical school courses and undergraduate courses.


4) Instructor Department of Anatomy, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine in the Pacific- Northwest (2011-Present)

Human Gross Anatomy-examines the human body from neck to feet through dissection and didactic work

Human Head and Neck Anatomy- explores the human anatomy of the head and neck through dissection and didactic work

Neuroscience-examines neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and clinical considerations of the nervous system


ISAC, Intensive Summer Anatomy Course

MGA, Medical Gross Anatomy


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Marios Loukas · William Merbs, et al
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