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What is EndNote?

EndNote is bibliographic management software that allows users to save and organize references for your papers. These references can be for journal articles, books, conference proceedings, Web pages, manuscripts, etc. Different formatting styles can be used such as APA, AMA, etc.
For any questions regarding using, downloading or upgrading EndNote, please contact the library at reference@westernu.edu, by phone at (909) 469-5323 or with our Ask A Librarian service.

Download Information and Instructions

How do I Download EndNote?

 *Note for Faculty downloading on a WesternU workstation:
To download EndNote onto a WesternU computer you will need to contact the IT department to have the program pushed remotely. You will need to give them your computer ID, which, in Windows XP can be found by going to the Start menu and right clicking on My Computer or Computer and selecting Properties. In Windows 7, your computer ID can be found by clicking Start then Computer. Your computer ID will be at the bottom left of the screen.

Upgrading from a Previous Version of EndNote?

You should backup any connection files, bibliographic styles, or import filters you have edited or created. Once everything is backed up, it is recommended that you uninstall the old version of EndNote before downloading the newest version.

EndNote Documentation, Tutorials, Tip Sheets



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Tutorials on Youtube