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Student-Led Events

Monday Mail

Club Events Calendar
Club Room Reservation Form
Event Advertising
Inserting a PDF into an e-mail

Health Screening: Approval Form
Health Screening: Oversight Guide 
Pomona Community Resources

HPC Breakout Room Guidelines
Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages on Campus
Food Safety Training




Mandatory Fundraising Checklist
Fundraising Guidelines

Food Fundraising Permit – REQUIRED
Food Safety Training

University Graphic Standards

Financial Affairs

Treasurer Training
Student Reimbursement Form
Deposit Form/Instructions
W-9 Form
How to Access Your Club/Class Account (Authorized Personnel Only) 

Fund Request Form

Alumni Association Support (2 weeks prior)
Alumni Association Reimbursement (post event)
Student Government Association
Collaborative Event form & Evaluation

Student Travel

Travel Notification Form 
International Travel Checklist
U.S. Dept. of State: Travel Warnings

Officer Documents

Executive: Officer Responsibilites
Class: Officer Responsibilites

Reference Documents

Student Leader Handbook
SGA Bylaws
SGA Constitution
Photo Competition Image Release
Photo Competition Image Release

Biohazardous Waste Policy


Student Business Card Order Form 
Student Concerns Form
SGA Agenda Request
Spam Block: Web Outlook
New Club Application