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Fitness Benefits

Fitness Benefits – For Students

Considering a fitness membership for the 2024-2025 academic year? See below for your options!

Advertisement for Optum One Pass Select Fitness Benefit for WesternU students, employees, and alumni, highlighting multi-location access, free grocery delivery, and a call to "Find Your Fit!. Alumni: Did you graduate this year? We have benefits for you, too! Visit the Alumni Affairs Benefits & Services page to learn more.

Students: You are strongly encouraged to research your options before purchasing. You are not required to select a fitness benefit. However, if you choose to there are two options available to you. Only one option per student and benefits are evaluated annually and are subject to change.

For any of the options below please remember that the student benefit is up to $100 either via a reimbursement or a subsidized membership to SamFit. The memberships must be active for at least 10-months of the current academic year (July 1-June 30). If you are starting a new membership you must purchase between July 1st. and September 1st to meet this requirement.

  • Option #1: Membership to OnePass Select or SamFit

    One Pass Select™" text logo in orange font on a white background.

    Is a One Pass Select memberships right for you? – This is an exciting new benefit for students, employees and alumni! It includes mutli-gym access, and free grocery delivery from Walmart+ and Shipt.
    LEARN MORE and view prices.

    SamFit Logo
    *WesternU Oregon students only.

    Is a SamFit memberships right for you?
    LEARN MORE and view prices

  • Option #2: Reimbursement for a non-Samfit Gym Membership

    Fitness Reimbursement Process

    Do you pay annually?

    Receive up to $100.00/year
    Submit request at the beginning
    of the academic year
    Deadline to submit paperwork:
    September 1, 2024*
    *This deadline is for the
    2024-2025 academic year.

    Do you pay monthly?

    Receive up to $100.00/year
    Submit request after you’ve paid
    for ten consecutive months
    Deadline to submit paperwork:
    June 1, 2025*
    *This deadline is for the
    2024-2025 academic year.