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Teaching Facilities

Collage of pharmacy classroomsThe classrooms in the College of Pharmacy reflect an innovative design intended to foster interaction between students and professors in the classroom setting. The design is hexagonal in shape, with the podium being in the center of the classroom. This minimizes the physical distance between the instructor and all students. Six projection screens scroll down from the central area of the classroom such that all students have an unhindered view of the visual material being displayed to the students by the instructor. Each permanent class seat has a LAN connection to the University computer system so that the student may download lecture notes and/or view on-line presentations during each class. Laptop computers are a prerequisite in the Pharmacy program. Each large classroom is surrounded by a number of smaller “breakout” rooms, in which students are required to participate in group discussions or team activities in between formal lecture hours (each class is broken down into a number of assigned teams). Each of the Pharmacy classrooms has a similar design.


Research Facilities

Collage of research facilities The College of Pharmacy is dedicated to supporting research as a primary part of its mission. The Pharmacy Practice faculty are active participants in clinical research at their respective practice sites, which are located throughout the metropolitan Los Angeles area as well as other parts of Southern California. Faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences have over 3600 square feet of research laboratory space at their disposal for research activities. This space is divided into 5 separate laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with high-performance liquid chromatographs, a gas chromatograph, dissolution apparatus, molecular biology instrumentation (gel electrophoretic and PCR instrumentation), centrifuges, physiological recorders and ancillary equipment (refrigerators, -80 °C freezer, water purification system, fume hoods, incubators, etc.). The College has developed a functional cell culture facility, and has in place a shared equipment room as well. The faculty are actively pursuing their research interests in the areas of cardiovascular and neurological pharmacology and physiology, pharmaceutical formulation development, pharmacokinetics and immunology.


Other Research Infrastructure

Collage of students working together and with patientsThe University has in place an administrative and committee infrastructure to facilitate the conduct of research on campus. The following University Committees are routinely convened:


  • Research Advisory Council
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Research Committee

The College has its own committees as well:


  • Research and Graduate Programs Committee
  • Pharmacy Practice Scholarship Committee

The University has an Office of Grants, Research and Contracts Administration, which is headed by Mr. Matthew Katz, MHA.

Individual Faculty research interests are found by clicking on the Faculty link.